If you entered this room you could go crazy: it is the quietest room in the world, and this is where it is

If you entered this room you could go crazy: it is the quietest room in the world, and this is where it is

The quietest room in the world, it might seem impossible, but if you walked in there you might really go crazy, a really evocative place, that’s where it is.

Our ears have always heard sounds, perhaps even a lot of them these days. Even where we sleep there is always a slight noise coming from outside or even just from our breathing. In nature there is no complete silenceAnything that makes a sound, whether the volume is very low or very high. Even at the bottom of the ocean there is a lot of noise, so physically it is a completely natural place completely devoid of any kind of sound and noise. However, man has also created this soundproof room which is the quietest place in the world, where you can’t hear anything at all and where it’s easy to go crazy.

A room born as an experiment that quickly became a special tourist attraction. Inside there is absolute silence, -9.4 dB to be exact, eight times the threshold of sound a human can hear. No one can last more than 45 minutes inside, making it a real challenge for many visitors. Since there is no noise of any kind, the only source of sound is ourselves inside, and in the long run, this drives anyone who tries to enter that room crazy.

The quietest room in the world, this is where it is.

The anechoic chamber, that’s what it’s called, It is located at Orfield Labs in Minneapolis, USA. Visitors from all over the world come every year to the bustling city of Minneapolis for an amazing experience. This particular room Entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005 As “the quietest place in the world.” It is mainly used to test the sound of some products for scientific and medical research. It has recently become open to the public, with the number of visitors and curious people increasing year by year. Whoever wants to know the true meaning of silence, Experience a feeling of complete isolation from the world.

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The quietest room in the world, a research center and a tourist attraction that drives people crazy

The interior of the quietest room in the world (Source: youtube screen – designmag.it)

there Anechoic chamber (i.e. echo-free) from Orfield Laboratory, measuring 3.6 x 3 metres. It is covered on all six sides with special fiberglass wedges. It has double steel walls and is surrounded by a second room also with double steel walls. All this inside a third concrete room. A unique and somewhat claustrophobic situation. A necessary condition to create the absence of noise. The chamber also “floats” on a system of springs Which eliminates any vibration. From the nearby road you can’t hear anything, not even from the air vents. Just calm down. Here they are actually absorbed 99.99% of noise. In other words: If a normal conversation has a volume of about 60 dB, there is background noise inside the room of -9.4 dB.

For those who enter It’s a disturbing and unique experience. Stephen Orfield, facility manager, explains: “Within about thirty seconds you begin to hear ringing in your ears; Twenty minutes later, your knees, elbows, and bones are rubbing together. Half an hour later, the sound of your breathing, the sound of your heartbeat, the sound of your lungs.” Some people even last a few seconds inside, which is a unique experience, but also complex and confusing.

The record stay is 45 minutes. According to the laboratory’s website, no one is allowed to enter the room alone, and no groups are allowed to enter without supervision. Entrance fee costs $125 per person.

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