Juventus and Massimiliano Allegri: Long countdown to the final credits

Juventus and Massimiliano Allegri: Long countdown to the final credits

Success in the last eight games, an awkward road map that bears witness to how the coach's fate is increasingly determined.

For months I have been emphasizing that, beyond political terminology,… Juventus He pretty much got into the mood for change at the end of the season. street massimiliano allegri, Inside a technician with different characteristics is called upon to develop a new project. To be clear, someone like Thiago Motta, if not Thiago Motta himself.

But the problem with this perspective is timing. In fact, for weeks we have been talking non-stop about the future while ignoring the present. Inevitably, Juve ended up in a negative spiral. Be warned, in terms of classification the Bianconeri are completely on target, but when they have managed just one win in their last Premier League fixture – well – the alarm bells start to become deaf and annoying.

But to think that Allegri is the only problem would be a big mistake. To return to the real Juventus, Juventus will have to reconsider more positions at the end of this season. Examples: Complete the mathematical area by entering some numbers attributed to Giuntoli; Review the lineup in accordance with the financial limits that must be respected. In short, the current team deserves the Champions League and finishing 4-5 is by no means a sporting miracle, but at the same time there is an aura of mediocrity that cannot go unnoticed.

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