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Special One’s words: “Mkhitaryan is clearly not a director, but his adaptation was a happy choice. It’s what he thinks best: he’s now turned into a key player in regards to this”

Jose Mourinho Comment on the tie caught at the last minute Rome against the Sassuolo In the post game. These are his words:

What leaves this necktie? When you lose at ninety and then plot the emotional dynamic changes. Before the match I wouldn’t have accepted the draw or even at half-time, at 90′ I would have said, ‘Thank you very much’. I can compare this match with Verona or Venice. Today we managed to equalize, we didn’t want to but it’s still a point. We haven’t lost in the last 4 Serie A games, surely we could have done more, and I’m thinking of a draw with Genoa. But there was a team feeling in the final.

Was there a lack of technology in the last few meters today? Coming here and maybe 50% or 51% each for possession is not easy. That means we’ve got the stability settled on the acquisition, too, thanks to Kumbula. There was also a lack of order in the other half. There were few options for playing ball inside; Felix only had one chance in the depths. In the latter part of the game we felt that the team was improving. There is frustration of the lottery but it is still a point

The gypsies did not lose their heads at the moment of deprivation, despite the whole situation. (interrupts his voice) There is one piece of news I can’t deny. All others are zero, it is fifth-class journalism, without morals, without the essence of journalism which is the truth. If this group has quality it is in empathy. Everyone can say that the team or me are poor, but the group is very close. In football we can have limitations, the second goal is not to sleep tonight and nightmares. And so for other verbs, but we are a united group.

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How do you see the back four or three? Players must be comfortable on the field. It’s not my favorite idea of ​​soccer, but it’s somewhat a result of their characteristics. We should try to make a puzzle in which the players feel better.

How do you see Sergio Oliveira and Pellegrini together? Both can work best on an individual level and as a couple. In Pellegrini there was a risk to reach the conclusion. Then the interaction needs to be improved. They are good players, but to play up front and make it spin, set the pace of the game, we don’t have players with those characteristics. Mkhitaryan is clearly not a director, but his adaptation was a happy choice. That’s what he thinks best: He’s now turned into a pivotal footballer in that regard. Obviously we need to improve, we have the Conference League to play. The team is wrong if it thinks that there is no quality difference. I saw Rin that day and it made a good impression on me

Mourinho at the press conference

How do you read the two related goals? individual tactics. One thing is team tactics, the other is individual and we made a mistake: Traore depth in the first goal, but that can happen. The second goal is a basic individual principle and we were wrong there too. We wanted to win, we came here to get 3 points, but it’s a point that at least gives you the feeling that it’s 4 games in a row unbeaten in the first division, 8 points in 4 games, which is unbelievable but also not a disaster. There are games that are very similar: in Venice, in Verona, in Bologna, when this team is down, they continue to the end and I think thanks to us we got to a tie, it’s not a point we wanted but it’s a point.

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What was happening with Berardi at the end of the match? Roma played better at the San Siro than they did today. During the match he and I exchanged a few polite words. I told him a good player like him doesn’t need a simulator, he told me he doesn’t. It all ended well. In the match, we had more harmony at San Siro. Today in certain moments we lost the system, the tactics and the player positioning, we found that balance a bit late. Mkhitaryan is the player with more stability in his game and in his choices. He’s not a manager but he’s an organized player and in the second half I saw him a bit withdrawn. Drawing isn’t like coming home without anything but I’m happy with the message, I didn’t need it but maybe someone needed it: they can say whatever they want about the group but it’s untouchable, in terms of sympathy and friendship.

Al-Shaarawy wounded: He said they are all available… She asked me if anyone would pay for my blowout, and I said no one would, he gave me the chance.

He also tried the 4-man defense… We played like we trained and didn’t try to defend at four. This team without Zaniolo and without El Shaarawy, how do we play with three strikers?

Is 4-2-3-1 still your favorite shape? Until I finish my career, but one thing is what you prefer and the other is what you have. Playing 3 is an adaptation, it’s a way of trying to build in the first stage.

Who is the executor of punishment? do you want the truth? The first penalty kicker is Sergio Oliveira. Tammy grabbed the ball, as he did in Turin. In Turin, Veritut wanted to shoot and something negative was created. My feeling is that Sergio left the ball to him today, and I think because I didn’t talk about this, I think Sergio had the right maturity, he left the ball to Tammy, but the penalty kick today was Sergio. We trained for a week on penalties, even before Inter and before today, my decision today was Sergio. I hid in the tunnel: I saw but I hid because I could have had a reaction and it would have been better not to find her by the cameras.

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