Jovic first shot, goalkeeper Walker

Jovic first shot, goalkeeper Walker

The Long purple concave – For a very long time, perhaps – I produced a file white smoke. I found parties after fun dinners, battle encounters and long faces Summary moving forward. Looking at the dark moments, it’s no small thing. Italiano renewed and amended his contract with Two more years and an option in the third. Yeah it’s come 2 million net per season including bonusesEasily accessible, as well as a third year option. Technically, the Italian contract was already in place until 2023, so the second year is adjusted to the new terms, and then there is the other year until 2024 and maybe the next year’s option.

The It will be announced in the next few daysBut this time There will be no release clauseLooking at what leaked. It’s only hours now. The club realized that the Italian deserved fair treatment and that the manager understood the reasons for the club. There was a debate, but it’s normal in football.

It was clear that The convergence of interests was stronger than the real clash, but there was some fear. Now gone.

with this news The market officially starts. who has already left unofficially.

Jovich is near, meaning that Fiorentina treats the loan with a right of recovery. For several days, the Viola club has been on this path that will have some advantages: international experience, past in Real, and the desire to replace him after a period, often under Benzema.

The Benamonti hypothesis remains valida heart attacker born in ’99 and had a very good season at Empoli. It could be part of the Milinkovic case or even not.

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Fiorentina certainly need a central striker, regardless of Cabral’s explosion that we hope will come true.

goalkeeper chapter: Kragno was close To the viola, then walk away. It seems that Cooling with Cagliari Boy for the formula: Sardinia has claimed the right to at least one refund related to the loan. After negotiations stalled, number one Florence approached Toro e Vanja Milinkovic-Savic set off for Florence, a name that doesn’t fan the crowd, but could cover Terracciano’s shoulders. This way it will have another purple target to share between posts. You will land the bomb with the loan formula.

Definitely an important week begins, not only for the Italian.

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