Fabio Grosso is searching for the spy in Lyon: he interrogates the players and cancels training

Fabio Grosso is searching for the spy in Lyon: he interrogates the players and cancels training

Fabio big He’s at Leon, in France, for a little over a month. Obviously, it is enough to know what a Theater coup. Plot Twist: When players imagine they are about to start a training session, they find themselves in a detective story. This is what he says the team: The Italian coach would take them, lock them in the locker room, and interrogate them for 30 minutes. In the end, he was dissatisfied with the outcome of the interrogation, and he sent them home. Training is cancelled, it’s not air.

Look for moles

Fabio Grosso is searching the mole. Or moles. Those who go around telling critics he is the worst coach they have ever known. word Jerome Rothenwhich A RMC He claimed that the Italian was “already on the net”. Leon his, inherited from Laurent BlancIt ranks last in the French championship with three points. The 2006 world champion notched one in the four matches he sat on the bench.

“Almost none of his players can see him anymore,” the commentator continued. “There are some experienced coaches, some very experienced ones, who have told me he is one of the worst coaches ever. He turned everyone against…”

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Interrogation in the locker room

Grosso heard those words loud and clear. He wanted and wants to know who is cheating on him. For half an hour he asked the team and for half an hour he was silent. You can say that, everyone makes mistakes, but I want to know who the team will face in such a sensitive moment. nothing.

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Then everyone goes home. Only after he had apparently given him the final warning: I too have my knowledge, and I will discover it somehow. The fact that this meeting is also being talked about is already confirmation: there must be some kind of mole in the locker room. Grosso will want to catch the ball before the air around him becomes unbreathable, so as not to spoil his passage into the most prestigious seat of his career.

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