The incomprehensible Juventus match: lukewarm players or Allegri lost his “hand”? The most likely hypothesis. Rabio problem. JTV Channel on Dozen is easy to understand…

I write it, in a word: I do not yet understand how Juventus plays with Max Allegri. Cuadrado hit his goal in the recovery area and numerically superior (after the bad luck of the usual wood taken by Chiza) by three points and eighth in the standings. Maybe I should stop asking myself questions. Because at this point in the season, if champions Juventus are a positive (and technical) competitive puzzle, the league is a bad mix of people who seem to have no plot to follow.

Ergo: Has Allegri become a rarity? Or will Juventus face two sides according to the obligations? Why don’t you run away. Or are they players who don’t want to do “more” in the league. And then at the end of the season it would be helpful to make a nice blacklist. Or the coach lost his “hand” in two years of inactivity. And then it would be a tragedy: Juventus, by making Allegri a four-season contract for 9 million a season, could have put a stone around their necks. Today the situation is this. I am inclined to the hypothesis of overvalued players and spoilers.

There are things that are hard to read. Like having a Rabbit on the team. A questionable choice, like Allegri’s “diagnosed” on performance. Only he, in Italy, against Fiorentina, saw a good match from the Frenchman. Left Rabiot Series – Alex Sandro was a horror show. This is not the first time.

Why did Bernardeschi leave? Allegri made it clear that he needed a midfielder like Rabiot. to do what? The truth is that Juventus should give it up, Rabiot. Just to get rid of a salary in excess of 7 million a year. But there’s a problem: Who gets a rabot? Who could pay him such a number today with his right mind?

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My idea is that at this point (defending or not defending the so-called “corporate capital”) the less allegory change the better. The best eleven is seen with Zenit: with the addition of Cuadrado. And maybe De Sciglio (when he returns) if Alex Sandro continues to be one of the last few weeks.

There are things that are hard to read. Like Farr who, when the time comes, with teams heading toward the locker rooms, “investigates” a possible penalty. rudeness var.

On the other hand, there are things that are easy to understand. It’s recent news that Juventus TV will be visible on Dazn’s live stream. Suppose that Sandro Piccinini’s indiscretion, months ago, “paid Juventus more than any other club to transfer television rights from Sky to DAZN”. Indeed, the shoes: of the seven championships.

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