Hisense 50″ Smart TV on Amazon: Price

Hisense 50″ Smart TV on Amazon: Price

past time, Hisense It has established itself in the smart TV market thanks to its high-quality products that can be purchased at very competitive prices. Thus, the Chinese manufacturer was able to take advantage of the quality / price ratio of its Smart TVs to grab, in a short time, a significant market share. in our country and abroad.

The Hisense 50A6FG is an outstanding example of the business strategy put in place by the Chinese manufacturer. between Today’s Top Deals on Amazon With a discount that drops the price, Hisense 50-inch 4K TV sets itself apart from the competition in the same price range for the absolute value spec sheet. Equipped with a panel capable of reproducing contrast images and color shades very true. There is no shortage of features that improve the user experience of the device, perfectly integrating them intosmart home environment.

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Hisense 50A6FG Data Sheet: Features and Functions

technology accurate color It is the true flagship of the 50 inch smart TV offered on Amazon. The Hisense 50A6FG is therefore capable of reproducing Millions of color shades For photorealistic like never before. The benefits appear immediately: Movies and TV series will have improved contrast and vivid colors, all for the benefit of your viewing experience.

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there AI image enhancement It then uses artificial intelligence to automatically adapt TV settings to the program you’re watching, in order to always deliver the best possible visual presentation. And if this is not enough, you can choose one of the preset modes. Thanks to the Sports mode and Game mode, for example, it will be possible to watch sports events with the best possible performance or to get the best possible performance during video game sessions.

Vidaa’s proprietary platform provides thousands of applications of all kinds, so as to offer a user experience that is limitless. Not only audio and video streaming applications, but also utilities, video games and much more. Thanks to the USB socket and technology compatibility Cast Anyview It will then be possible to view multimedia contents saved on external hard drives or mirrored from PC and smartphone in a simple and intuitive way.

Among the smart features, then, there is no shortage of Alexa compatibility, which allows you to operate your Hisense TV with simple voice commands. To change channels, run installed applications, and increase or decrease the volume, you no longer need to have the remote control in your hands. Not only that: integration with Alexa also allows you to control compatible smart devices, turning your smart TV into the central hub of your home automation home.

Hisense, smart TV costs very little: discount and price

As mentioned, thanks to today’s best offer on Amazon, the Hisense 50″ Smart TV is not to be missed at all. In fact, the device can be purchased with one 40% off in the price list. The Thus the price drops to €299.90with savings compared to the recommended price of the Chinese manufacturer, which is 200 euros.

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Hisense 50A6FG, 50 Inch 4K Smart TV with Accurate Color, Sports Mode and Game Mode, Alexa Compatible

Hisense 50A6FG, 50 Inch 4K Smart TV with Accurate Color, Sports Mode and Game Mode, Alexa Compatible

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