Mothers swapping babies after months: Confused fetuses in clinic

Mothers swapping babies after months: Confused fetuses in clinic

As of September 2019 Daphna Cardinale gave birth to I got pregnant thanks to the baby In vitro fertilization who does not resemble her or resemble her Alexander’s husband. the couple of California He immediately thought that the child was not their child, because he had a dark skinHowever, they initially trusted the doctors of the clinic they came into contact with. But after about two months they did a DNA test, and they found confirmation of their suspicions. At that point, with the help of the clinic, they went to look for the couple who had been given an unborn baby by mistake and who gave birth to another girl a week later. After several meetings, the four decided to start Legal procedures for the exchange of girlsthat took place in January 2020.

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The other couple asked not to be identified, but Daphne and Alexander decided to file a lawsuit against the California Center for Reproductive Health in Los Angeles and In VitroTech Labs, accusing them of committing crimes. Medical negligence and fraudulent cover-up. “Our memories of giving birth will forever distort the fact that our biological child was given to someone else, and the child I struggled to bring into the world wasn’t mine,” Daphne explained at a press conference, accusing doctors of receiving it “that robbed her of the ability to carry my daughter.”

“The suffering and confusion of my family cannot be underestimated,” he added. “Instead of breast-feeding my daughter, I breastfed a baby girl and had to leave her afterwards”. Additionally, she reiterated that the situation was even more difficult for their seven-year-old daughter to deal with, who struggled to understand the exchange. The lawsuit outlines how Cardinale and her husband are being treated for “symptoms of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder” after the accident.

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Attorney Adam Wolfe, who represents the four parents, said the other couple also plan to file a lawsuit. This isn’t the first time such an episode has happened in the United States of America. In 2019, another family in California found that their child was born in New York: They sued the biological mother, who reportedly wanted to keep the child, and the judge ruled in favor of the genetic parents.

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