Apple-I, Mac’s predecessor goes to auction: Born in Jobs’ garage, today it’s worth $400,000

A piece of computing history has been auctioned in California. It is an example of the Apple-I, the computer hand assembled by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak circa 1976, in Jobs’ garage, which is the predecessor of the Mac.

Sample auctioned by John Moran Auctioneers – HERE Page with all the details – According to what was reported by the same auction house in Los Angeles, Tuesday, October 9 at 20:30 Italian time, it was sold for $ 400,000 (the estimated price on the eve of the auction was between 400,000 and 600,000 dollars).

Apple-I, deed of incorporation

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold a Volkswagen (first) and a Hp 65 (second) calculator to accumulate just over $1,300, the capital needed to build the first 50 Apple-I cars sold at the ByteShop electronics store in Mountain. Opinion. In fact, this is considered the founding act of Apple. The beginning of an adventure that will revolutionize computer history and beyond.

In the auction, the only sample left with a wooden box

The antique that was auctioned off is a rare replica of the Apple-I in a Hawaiian Acacia wood case, very popular in the 1970s. Six units were made with this condition: only the unit up for auction survived.

Reading the history of this computer, it turns out that the special wooden case was added by Paul Terrell, owner of ByteShop, in fact the world’s first personal computer retailer.

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