Live broadcast before the Olympics, Italy-USA 1-1 (19-25, 25-23): follow the challenge live

Live broadcast before the Olympics, Italy-USA 1-1 (19-25, 25-23): follow the challenge live

Etal shot by Davide Mazzanti Back to the field Qualifying for the Olympics. The Blues are coming back from A Poker wins (South Korea, Slovenia, Thailand, and Colombia). Now, however, the toughest challenge is up against United StateIt leads the group with Italy with four consecutive victories. The challenge that may actually result Decisive. Follow the match live.

9.42 pm

Italy wins the second group!

The Americans reacted in the final, but the Italians still managed He won the second set with a score of 25-23. The tie was restored, and now the third set.

9.35 pm

Italy-USA 19-16

The Americans’ reaction Mazzanti deadline.

9.32 pm

Italy-USA 17-13

The second group is completely opposite to the first: now I am Blues dominate.

9.28 pm

Italy-USA 14-10

They maintain +4 Blue.

9.25 pm

Italy-USA 11-7

Reaction from the Italians who have now increased their advantage to +4.

9.22 pm

Italy-USA 8-6

The blue block is effective on Larsson and then he goes wild Antropova: The return of the Italians against the Americans.

9.18 pm

Italy-USA 2-4

Larson The protagonist so far is able to hurt Italy even at the beginning of the second set.

9.12 pm

The United States wins the first group

The Americans win Clearly the first group With a score of 25-19. American superiority, perfect in defense and attack. Now Italy is called upon to respond.

9.07 pm

Italy-USA 16-21

The Italians try to fight back, but the Americans are excellent at defending and attacking.

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9.01 pm

Italy-USA 11-17

Partially heavy for the Italians so far. Mazzanti Calls for a second timeout.

8.59 pm

Italy-USA 10-15

mistake Sila And the American ones are up to +5 heavy.

8.56 pm

Italy-USA 9-12

The Americans advance, the first to arrive Mazzanti deadline For his team.

8.53 pm

Italy-USA 7-8

The Americans are improving and taking the initiative by exploiting the mistake Loobian.

8.50 pm

Italy-USA 4-4

A balanced start in this first phase.

8.46 pm

Italy and USA, let’s get started!

The challenge begins. These are the blue hexagons: Bosio-Antropova, Petrini-Sella, Danisi-Lupian, Vercino.

8.38 pm

Italy and the United States of America on the field

There is very little left until the match begins: Italy and the United States are on the field For the warm-up and the national anthem.

8.21 pm

Italy, position in Group C

Italy Davide Mazzanti It was found in the head with United State. They continue within two points Poland and Germany. Only them First citizens Whoever is in the group will qualify for the next Olympics.

8.10 pm

Italy and the United States, a decisive challenge indeed

challenge to vertex That’s between Italy and the United States. The two national teams meet At the top of Group C With 12 points after defeating South Korea, Slovenia, Thailand and Colombia. A little forward ItalyThis is what he admitted to his opponents Only one group against two Granted by the Americans.

8.04 pm

Italy and the USA, where you can watch it on TV and live

Here’s how to proceed, On TV or live broadcastthe challenge between Italy and the United States. (Read all)

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Italy challenges the United States

The challenge between the two teams at the top of the third group: Italy challenges the United Statesboth on high Four consecutive wins. A decisive match to qualify for the next Olympics.

Lodz – Poland

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