Most Beautiful Country in the World by Flag: Here’s the Official Ranking of the Top 10 Countries (and When to Visit)

Most Beautiful Country in the World by Flag: Here’s the Official Ranking of the Top 10 Countries (and When to Visit)

What is the most beautiful country in the world? To answer this question objectively, Telegraph Travel conducted a large research study that provided an official rating

It’s hard to tell which one it is The most beautiful country in the worldBecause every corner of the earth is unique and special. Telegraph Travel attempted to give an objective answer, through a study conducted with scientific methodwhich made it possible to establish a formal arrangement.

selection criteria

To clarify the order, some have been used Standards He studied various elements including landscapes, biodiversity, tourist attractions, and historical and natural monuments.

Then the countries were evaluated for the presence of mountains, deserts and parks, but also for the presence of animal and plant species and any natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis.

Then each country was set result: One out of all won the first place with 1,337 points out of 2000, while the last in the standings reached 968 points.



Peru ranked 10th thanks to its biodiversity, along with unusual natural attractions such as Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon and its historical wonders such as Machu Picchu. Best time to visit Peru? From May to October, when the nights are cool and the days are sunny.


Our beautiful country is only ranked ninth, despite its dream landscapes, climate, food, and history. To earn points, Cinque Terre, Venice Lagoon, Amalfi Coast and Rome.


India ranked eighth due to its biodiversity, extensive forest cover, and national parks. He could have aspired to a higher place, but he was punished by general pollution and poor urban air quality. It remains a country to visit at least once in a lifetime, preferably around November and December, at the end of the monsoon season.

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new Zeland

In seventh place in the ranking we find New Zealand, awarded for its hot rivers, glaciers and active volcanoes but also Pure water and clean air. Telegraph Travel tip is to discover this country between December and February.


To earn the sixth place for Norway are its mountains, 47 national parks, fjords, coniferous forests and above all the scenery of the Northern Lights. high degree of The happiness and freedom of its citizens. You must visit in January for the Northern Lights or at the end of June for the midnight sun.


With 523 species of mammals, 1,104 species of birds, and 23,000 different species of plants, Mexico has gained Many points in biodiversity. Added to this are UNESCO sites, long white sandy beaches, and coral reefs. To visit it, the best time is November.


In fourth place, we find Japan, a country rich in contradictions that meet in unique harmony from a natural and social point of view. When do you visit? Undoubtedly early spring, coinciding with the stunning cherry blossoms.


Canada is among the best countries in the world, as well as one of the largest. Unbeatable in Big lakes, an almost endless coastline, and the aurora borealis. Perfect for planning a trip to Canada between June and August to enjoy the good weather.


Nearly twenty thousand different plant species, 350 mammals and 723 birds, coral reefs are added to it and the lowest levels of pollution, and this is what made it rise Australia is in second placeTo visit between September and October.

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in the first place

who got Highest scores in all categories? The winning country has impressive mountains, six desert regions, 63 national parks, five large lakes, many active volcanoes, geysers, and 12 UNESCO natural sites. It doesn’t end there: you can witness the northern lights, gorgeous sunsets, and the wonders of civil engineering. In addition, the indicators of freedom and happiness are high, the air quality is very good and the population density is low. guess what? Yes, the most beautiful country in the world is the United States of America.

What do readers think?

After the ranking was published, Telegraph readers were given the opportunity to comment on the result and give their opinion on the matter. Thanks to their opinions, another arrangement has been made and a choice The four most beautiful countries in the world. The United States was confirmed in first place, but the other three places reversed the official ranking and also rewarded our country as “the most beautiful in Europe”:

  • United State
  • Italia
  • Great Britain
  • South Africa

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Reference source: telegraph

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