Ossola 24 – Kiwanis Club of Domodossola and Children’s Science Committee. Video conference

Ossola 24 – Kiwanis Club of Domodossola and Children’s Science Committee.  Video conference

DOMODOSSOLA- 02-04-2023 – Since 2001, the Kiwanis Club of Domodosola has been implementing and promoting activities to support children by organizing local events, including those of national interest, in order to create services to support cases of need.

The Governor of Kiwanese Italia San Marino Salvatore Cianello and the President of the Kiwanese Club of Domodossola Angela Occhiello strongly believed in the project, postponed from 2020 due to Covid, which was shared with UNIBO in memory of the physicist Augusto Reggi whose death occurred the centenary and with whom the members were arranged on April 5, 2023, In Domodossola in the Great Hall of the “IIS Marconi Galletti Einaudi”, a conference in which students from schools in the Ossola region are in attendance and in the national live broadcast, thanks to the collaboration of ARTIFILM STUDIO di Arona in direct communication with the University of Bologna and LED Viaggi that will take care of the tuition credits.

Federico Spinozzi is the National “President” of the “Augusto Righi Scholarship” service, in this course that will end in Bologna on December 6, 2023 with a scholarship award ceremony to deserving students.

The meeting, entitled “Knowing Physics for Today’s Children Who Will Be the Innovators of Tomorrow”, was organized in cooperation with the University of Bologna – Department of Physics and Astronomy “A. Righi “and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics; Will bring to Domodossola, in addition to the relative directors prof. Andrea Simati and Dr. Eugenio Scapparone, Professor Laura Fabbri dealing with Experimental Physics and Professor Giorgio Dragoni, “Historical” Director of Physics especially Augusto Righi and has the support of the Tosco Marmi Group.

Augusto Righi has recently authored two books: one, “Capture the Invisible Predict the Future” which aims to make the world known to the general public, was born thanks to the commitment of one of his great-granddaughters, Liana Righi and her husband, writer Federico Spinozzi, to researcher, researcher and professor of experimental physics Laura Fabry and scientists and other friends.

It is published by Morellini Editore from Milan, and released in October 2020 on the occasion of the centenary of Reggie’s death. The text is intended for the young and the very young (but not only), in the spirit of the initiatives of Kiwanis, Italian province of San Marino whose copyright is intended for publication

Offering a scholarship in memory of the scientist.

The other book, which is currently being distributed, written by Professor Giorgio Dragoni and titled “AUGUSTO RIGHI A PHYSICISIS IN THE WORLD OF RESEARCH”, published by Esculapio Publishing Company, is intended for researchers. It delves into many topics related to the life and work of this great figure, and was created by Professor of the History of Physics at the University of Bologna, who is also the author of this educational exhibition track.

In celebration of the centenary of the death of Augusto Reggi, world-famous physicist and founder of the Department of Physics at the University of Bologna, the event intends to recall that Reggi was first a student and then one of the fathers of communications and electrical engineering, and it will be an opportunity to offer a reading of the invisible world that surrounds us so beloved by the little ones and adults (electromagnetic waves, structure of matter, etc.) from the time of reggae to the present day. A life devoted to physics and mathematics between physical and mathematical theories,

Scientific discoveries, technological innovations, new scientific tools, educational models and volumes of dissemination of scientific knowledge. “the most remarkable physicist that Italy has seen since the time of A. Volta” (Orso Mario Corbino, 1920)

“Knowing Physics for Today’s Children Who Will Be the Innovators of Tomorrow” intends to propose topics of current interest starting from perspectives more than a century ago, to guide young students to become the champions of their future by believing in themselves, knowing to combine ancient knowledge with modern disciplines and being able to project their future with confidence. Welcomed with great enthusiasm by Prof. Gaudenzio D’Andrea, Dean of the IIS Marconi Galletti Einaudi Institute, he made his institute available as a venue for the event. Professor Pierantonio Ragusa, Dean of the “Giorgio Spezia State Scientific Secondary School”, shared

In full the spirit of the project, he became a partner for himself recognizing the initiative as “a unique opportunity for student users in our area.”

Register at the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np-EMHxq_Zs



curiousity. It happens that prof. Andrea Simati – Director of the Department of Physics and Astronomy “A. Righi” of the University of Bologna – is very attached to Domodossola, the city in which he lived during the period when his son Matteo was studying violin in neighboring Switzerland; A family that immediately integrated itself into the cultural life of Domise by offering its “knowledge” by participating in Domosovia in 2019, the father, and in countless charitable musical events, the son.

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