These are the areas of the body most affected by cold, so we must cover ourselves

These are the areas of the body most affected by cold, so we must cover ourselves

So far the autumn has been very mild, and exceedingly mild. But we are already starting to see night frosts and… Reduce temperatures To degrees more common at this time of year warns us of the importance It protects us from the cold To avoid problems Goodbye.

But the downside of this cold arrival is that it was sudden and this poses a greater danger because, according to experts, the organism did not have enough time to get used to this situation.

What areas of the body does this cold affect most?

  • Skin

  • Blood vessels

  • the lungs

  • Bones

  • Joints.

The consequences of a cold on health are many Photo by Pavel Lozovikov on Unsplash

Why does a cold affect health so much?

Low temperatures They cause changes in the body's thermoregulation and a decrease in defenses. This poses a health risk, since The body must make more efforts for this Combat low temperatures and Maintain body temperature.

Although the season with the worst reputation for health is summer, the fact is that according to data from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, The death rate associated with cold is greater than that associated with heat.

  • In fact, every day cWhere there is a cold wave, average deaths rise by 3.5 people.

It is also important to note that among… The most important effects of cold In health it is appearance Of multiple respiratory diseasescom:

  • Colds

  • control

  • Bronchitis

  • Pneumonia, among others

  • Constriction of blood vessels, which generates an increase in blood pressure and heart rateThis increases the possibility of a heart attack or blood clot in patients with high risks of cardiovascular disease.

Cold urticaria is another type of this disease. ECARF. Wikimedia Commons.

Which is according to Spanish Heart Foundation (in you):

1- Low temperatures increase the risk of suffering by 20%. heart attack From the heart muscle

2 – I 37% increased risk of death due to: Heart failureAs indicated by a study conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA).

As he explains Dr. Maria Sanchezi-Health Manager at Cigna Healthcare a Spain

next to, Low temperatures predispose to the appearance of blood clots and high blood pressureThe specialist adds that it is able to generate heart diseases, heart attacks, strokes and compensate for previously existing diseases.

Tips to protect us from the dangers of the cold

For all the above and taking into account that winter has already arrived, Cigna Healthcare specialists offer some tips to protect us from the cold and thus avoid illness:

  • Protection of parties andhat .

Peripheral areas of the body (hands and feet), as well as the nose and earsThey are most exposed to cold. For this It is necessary to protect them. Let us not forget that “cold causes a decrease in blood circulation in the extremities of the body, which causes a decrease in body temperature, and also leads to a decrease in sensitivity, which makes thermoregulation difficult,” as the specialists explained.

Specialists recommend protecting your nose and mouth from the cold. Freebec

For this reason, it is important Cover yourself well with several layers of clothing to avoid losing body heat and thus protect yourself from wind and moisture.

This is all the more important if you'll be exercising outdoors, when hats, gloves, thick socks, ear muffs and scarves become essential.

Coughs, colds, pharyngitis… as low temperatures reduce defenses, It is difficult for us to deal with viruses and bacteria associated with respiratory diseases.

  • Avoid exposure long time

Prolonged exposure to cold can raise blood pressure, Highlighting the risks of cardiovascular events.

So what can we do?

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and foods containing antioxidants can help Protect them lungsThe skin and the cardiovascular system.

the Vitamins C I Of orange or grapefruit, as well Green tea or ginger It helps defend the body and strengthen the immune system.

In addition to eating well, we should Cover areas of the body that are particularly vulnerable to cold, such as the throat and respiratory systemWhere defense mechanisms are located in the respiratory system.

  • Heal with order Muscular skeleton.

Although there is no evidence that climate affects the causes of rheumatic diseases, it is true Cold, rain, and humidity cause muscles to contract, causing muscle cramps and diseases And increasing the feeling of pain in people who suffer from joint problems.

To avoid this, stay active, avoid sudden temperature changes and stay warm They are necessary. But be careful, because during this time of the year the risk of falling due to rain or the appearance of ice sheets increases.

And so on To avoid more serious injuries, it may be a good idea to wear non-slip shoesEspecially for groups most at risk, such as the elderly, or those suffering from bone problems.

  • Bill. Cold affects the skin Especially for people with atopic or sensitive skin. This happens because “environmental drought and temperature variation favor Dry skin and irritationOr eczema, inflammation, or even dermatitis,” explains Cigna Healthcare.

To reduce this effect, experts recommend Do not abuse hot water while bathing, moisturize the skin daily, use it Solar protector Protect exposed areas with warm clothing.

We must also not forget everyone who suffers from cold allergies and develops hives upon contact with low temperatures. In these cases, in addition to the previous advice, it is important to consult a health professional and get appropriate treatment.

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