More than a race outside the US in 2024: Argentina hypothesis?

More than a race outside the US in 2024: Argentina hypothesis?
Agustin Cannabino, home run in 2024? Credits: IndyCar Official Website

According to Mark Milespresident of Penske Entertainment, the company that runs Indycar, There is a possibility that a new race will be added to the 2024 calendar. Although this has not been officially confirmed, You can race in Argentina, on the Termas de Rio Hondo track.

Miles words

Male Miles A depending on the question Will there be a new path? The answer is “yes more than no”. To see the number of new additions – I continue – or where we work on it. We’re also discussing more than one option outside of the United States. However, we believe we can release the calendar as early as August.”.

For some of those [gare prese in considerazione, ndr]And There’s a good chance they’ll be announced before the calendar even comes out.”

Argentine hypothesis

According to some rumors Argentina could be the right place, or at least one of the designated places. Interest in Indycar has grown in the South American state in the last period, Since Argentine team Juncos Hollinger has joined the tournament on a permanent basis. Moreover, this yearThe team also includes home driver Agustin Cannabino, the legend of Turismo Carretera, which certainly helped increase the series’ popularity in Argentina. Moreover, do not forget Matteo Nannini is on the same team at Indy NXTPilot with dual Italian and Argentine passports.

Some representatives of the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, the same circuit that actually hosts MotoGP, went to last year’s Indy 500 and had talks with Indycar management. Miles himself, earlier this year, traveled to Argentina, on the same circuit. It should also be noted that the writing “Visit Argentina” appears on the Juncos team cars, i.e. the website of the local Ministry of Tourism, A sign of how the country is also pushing is getting an echo through Indycar.

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The last international motoring event held in Argentina was the Formula E Buenos Aires E-Prixbetween 2015 and 2017. iMoreover, Formula 1 has contested twenty-one editions of the Argentine Grand Prix here in the pastbut the last one dates back to 1998.

the past

In the past, CART would race abroad, even across two oceans, the Atlantic or the Pacific. In fact, there are races in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium remaining in Europe, but also in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, as well as in Mexico and Canada. And even Indycar, in its early years, ran races in Brazil, in Sao Paulo (on the same track partially used by Formula E this year), between 2010 and 2013. However, at the moment, the only non-American race is in Toronto, Canada, which still exists in North America. A new international race could open up interesting future scenarios for Indycar, perhaps even with the premise of a stage in Europe in a few years.

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