Inter, Zhang loses the case in the United States: now he will have to undergo the “debtor’s test” | first page

Inter, Zhang loses the case in the United States: now he will have to undergo the “debtor’s test” |  first page

football season from Inter to chang It ended in defeat in the final Champions League on hand Manchester cityFor the Nerazzurri president, the legal code still applies. In fact, they keep going procedures against him because More than 300 million unpaid lawsuits to China Construction Bank (Asia).

legal action – In recent months, creditors have moved to the United States for Get information about the relationship between Inter, Chang’e, Goldman Sachs and Oaktree. The CCBA has asked the US court for permission to file subpoenas with several New York financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Oaktree Capital Management and Bain Capital, to be able to Learn more about the club and its relationship with Suning Group.

verdict Grant permission. As I mentioned Football and financein fact in the final days of the Southern District Court in New York Zhang’s appeal was rejected And by his lawyer for that They will need to provide access to documents required by the CCBA. But not all. In the ruling, the court stressed that Zhang and Suning’s request to quash the subpoenas entirely was unfounded but conceded that “the subpoenas are excessive”. Among the required documents, the CCBA also wanted access to those beginning January 1, 2015 and on eg Possible negotiations to sell Inter.

future – to settle it Three hearings have been scheduled In the coming months between Hong Kong and Milan for three different actions. will start in July tenth In Hong Kong with the so-called “debtor check”And “Examination of the debtor”. As stated in the documents filed in the United States by the creditors, Zhang would be “interrogated orally to ask if he had debts, how many debts he owed, and what assets or other means he had to pay off.” Which he had to pay off more than 300 million in debt. He must also “produce any book or document in his possession or authority” relating to his assets and liabilities. the July 12thOn the other hand, the first session will be held in the Milan court after a request from banking institutions to proceed with the executive procedure for the ruling, and to ensure that it is also recognized in Italy. If the Hong Kong ruling is also recognized in Italy, creditor Chinese banks could get their hands on the assets of the Inter boss. The final lawsuit is the one filed in the civil court, which requests the annulment of the minutes of the Nerazzurri club’s board of directors, which proves that Zhang receives no compensation for his position as president. For this story, the September 12th It will be the second session, after the first session held in April.

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