16 cars that can now be bought for less than half the price, even at a discount of 12 thousand euros

16 cars that can now be bought for less than half the price, even at a discount of 12 thousand euros

What we are going through today is one of the most interesting times in the worldBuy a new car. The reasons are two. On the one hand, there are the local incentives that have joined the national subsidies, which are running out pending refinancing, which include many Italian regions (Lombardy and Piedmont), provinces (Trento and Bolzano) and municipalities (Florence and Genoa). On the other hand, there is the extent of these discounts for the purchase of a new car in 2023. In some cases – the reference goes to the municipality of Florence – the price reduction reaches the record of 12,500 euros.

However, in order to access these incentives, especially the more obvious ones, certain requirements must be met by both characters. Personal (such as not exceeding the Isee limit or Certificate of Residence), both option (low emission vehicles) and both own up (The availability of a vehicle for disposal is often required.)

In detail, until June 30, it is possible to request a contribution for the purchase of an electric car with scrap also in a municipality Florence. The support is €7,500, which can be compounded with the €5,000 State Environmental Grant, resulting in a total saving of €12,500.

in the municipality GenoaThe incentives available to individuals are as follows: €800 for the purchase of hybrid electric bikes, motorcycles and scooters. 9,000 euros for the purchase of electric and hydrogen cars; €6,000 for the purchase of Euro 6D-temp or later hybrid vehicles; €5,000 for the purchase of methane, LPG or petrol, methane or petrol-LPG Euro 6D-temp or newer vehicles; €4,000 for the purchase of Euro 6D-temp or later petrol vehicles and Euro 6D-temp or later diesel vehicles.

Lombardy region It makes a financial contribution ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 euros, depending on the type of vehicle chosen. So let’s assess the situation by looking for vehicles to buy with the current incentives.

New incentive cars, which must be purchased

Then what files A car to buy with new incentives valid in 2023? Apart from having some personal requirements, the first aspect that emerges is the sheer versatility. Electric cars are available, as their emission level is zero. But in most cases, even hybrid cars (in various configurations) can be purchased at a significant reduction in the initial cost.

Not only that, but in the Lombardy region, which remains one of the most prolific markets in Italy, cars with internal combustion engines also fall under the umbrella of promotions. As long as the emissions level is contained and the engine is of a new generation compared to Euro standards. In short, there is no shortage of discounts, but it is always necessary to check on a case-by-case basis. If all the pieces match, the deal is close and it will also include the following 16 car models:

  • Kia Picanto
  • Skoda Fabia
  • Hyundai i10
  • Mitsubishi Space Star
  • dr 1.0
  • Fiat Panda
  • Dasha Sandero
  • Ypsilon launch
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Dacia spring
  • Electric Fiat 500
  • Opel Corsa E
  • Renault Twingo Electric
  • vw eup!
  • Peugeot e-208
  • VW ID.3

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto It’s a practical and functional city car with a base price of €14,300 and emissions levels according to Lombardy Car incentives 2023. For residents, the regional discount of €2,000 adds up to a 12% seller’s discount (€1,716), bringing the bonus to €3,716 and the reduced price to €10,584.

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia Characterized by its elegant and classic lines, the passenger cabin is well-built, spacious and practical. It boasts good standard equipment and offers many interesting options at reasonable prices. Thanks to its low emissions, the car can benefit from a significant discount applied by the Lombardy region. Basically, compared to the price of 17,000 euros, the buyer can benefit from significant savings amounting to spending around 13,000 euros.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 It is among the cheapest petrol cars available for purchase in the Lombardy region. The list price for this version is 14,750 euros. Thanks to the Lombardy region’s incentive to cancel vehicles and a seller’s discount of €1,770, the total bonus comes to €3,770, bringing the final price down to €10,980.

Mitsubishi Space Star

In the spotlight too Mitsubishi Space Star Which has a price of 16,600 euros. Thanks to the scrapping incentive offered by the Lombardy region and the seller’s discount, it is possible to get a total saving of €3,992, bringing the final price to €12,608. The basic version is equipped with 14-inch steel wheels, yellow paint, manual climate control, front power windows, central locking, light and rain sensors.

dr 1.0

dr 1.0 It shows a starting price of 25,900 euros. Thanks to the car incentives for 2023 and a discount of 3,000 euros, the price has been reduced to 22,900 euros. In the event of cancellation of an older model, it is possible to take advantage of an additional 2,000 euros in incentives, bringing the total price to 20,900 euros. With the addition of another €1,000 offered by Dr. Direct, the price drops below the €20,000 threshold, to €19,900. The incentives offered by the Lombardy region should also be considered, which allow the price to be further reduced, to around 16,000 euros. To then access the reduced standard fee of €7,400 if you hold the requirements required by the Municipality of Florence to benefit from the privileges.

Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda 1.0 Hybrid in its basic version at a price of 15,400 euros. With low CO2 emissions, between 61 and 120g/km, and NOx intake of less than 85.8mg/km, it benefits from a €2,000 incentive offered by the Lombardy region, provided the scrapping is done from a wagon. The seller or dealer is required to apply a mandatory 12% discount to the list price. With these discounts combined, which add up to a total of 3,848 euros, the list price is reduced to around 11,500 euros.

Dacia Sandero

Program basic configuration Dacia Sandero It features a 1.0-liter naturally aspirated three-cylinder petrol engine that puts out 67 horsepower. The list price is 12,500 euros. Thanks to low CO2 emissions, between 61 and 120 g / km, and a NOx value of less than 85.8 mg / km, it is possible to take advantage of the €2,000 incentive offered by the Lombardy region, provided it is for scrapping the car. The seller or merchant is required to apply a mandatory discount of 12%, which is equivalent to 1,500 euros. Thanks to these reductions combined, for a total of 3,500 euros, applied in the Lombardy region, the final price of the car drops to 9,000 euros.

Ypsilon launch

Ypsilon launch It is a 5-door compact that features rounded lines with an elegant design. Inside, it features higher-quality fabrics, but also less valuable plastics. The trunk is not spacious and safety accessories are limited. The basic hybrid variant is priced at 17,100 euros. Thanks to its low CO2 emissions, between 61 and 120 g/km, and the amount of NOx less than 85.8 mg/km, you benefit from the €2,000 incentive offered by the Lombardy region, subject to scrapping the car. The seller or merchant is obliged to apply a discount of 12% to the list price. The list price has thus been reduced to around 13,500 euros.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf It is one of the most popular economical electric cars in the world. This Japanese sedan offers an impressive range of 378 kilometers. It is available in two battery versions, 62 and 40 kWh, and provides options for the user to choose. The list price of the Nissan Leaf is €33,000 but with discounts applied by the Municipality of Florence, the cost savings come to €12,000.

Dacia spring

Dacia spring It is currently the cheapest electric car available on the market. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is ideal for urban driving, with a length of only 3.73 metres. Although the battery capacity is not among the highest, the Dacia Spring guarantees a range of up to 305 kilometers, allowing medium-range trips without the need to recharge. The Dacia Spring starts at 19,000 euros without incentives, but drops to 7,000 euros in the case of possession of supplies applied by the Municipality of Florence.

Electric Fiat 500

Electric Fiat 500 It reinterprets the hallmarks of the famous archetype born in the 1950s in a decidedly modern way. The 500e, with a length of 3.63 metres, is an ideal choice for urban use, thanks to its interaction and excellent road stability. In addition to being stylish, this zero-emission Italian city car is packed with the latest technology. It offers a range of approximately 320 kilometers, allowing for wide range travel without the need to recharge. From €27,000 or from €13,000 with local incentives in Florence.

Opel Corsa E

Opel Corsa E It shares its technical platform with the cars of the Stellantis range. This vehicle delivers powerful performance and high efficiency in terms of range and energy consumption. With a full charge, the Corsa-e can travel up to 360 kilometers. It is possible to buy a motivational version of the Opel Corsa-e for around 20,000 euros.

Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo It is a city car characterized by superior agility and control, despite its limited length of 3.62 meters. Based on the same platform as the Smart Fortwo, the Twingo is available in four different configurations, providing buyers with a range of options. The price list for this car starts at 22,000 euros without incentives, or about 9,000 euros, including benefits. The Twingo, the French city car, has an autonomy of about 190 kilometers, which allows short and medium-haul trips without the need to recharge.

vw eup!

vw eup!, the German city car in its electric form, initially seemed destined to exit the market, but has been reintroduced into production thanks to the growing demand for electric vehicles. Back with a bigger power, the electric version of Up! It allows you to travel up to 260 kilometers on a full battery charge, providing a wide travel range. It can now be purchased for 3,500 euros.

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208 It is designed to arouse interest mainly among young consumers with its bold and distinctive design. This model is available with a starting price of €35,000, of which the economic benefits amounting to €12,000 are subtracted. The e-208 offers a large travel range of up to 362 kilometres.


VW ID.3 It is the successor to the Golf and marks the beginning of the electric age within the German brand. This first electric model of the ID line stands out with its futuristic and minimalist design, offering a range of 330 km and a starting price of €38,000 that becomes almost €26,000 with incentives in place.

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