WhatsApp has changed, but you might not have noticed

WhatsApp has changed, but you might not have noticed

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging and all communication related services. The amount of updates made by the popular corolla app is always increasing and someone is in danger of missing someone. Be warned that WhatsApp on your devices has the features that we are going to talk about today.

WhatsApp has no shortage of news

It’s news time

WhatsApp and news Terms that always go hand in hand. The famous American app, thanks to joining the business group half In 2014 (of which Facebook and Instagram were already a part), it managed to build up a space of loyal users, who eagerly await each new update that improves the quality of service.

And over the years of updates that have revolutionized and improved the service, there’s been a lot of it. After all, in the beginning WhatsApp was a very simple and linear app, Which was also his greatest fortune, in addition to being completely free except for the €0.89 annual fee, which many claim she never paid anyway.

In the beginning, WhatsApp was used as an alternative method for most SMS used, “The Letters,” as they were called at the time. However, text messaging presented several issues that made it difficult to apply, one of which was the cost. Given the cost of individual text messages, it was practically impossible to carry on long conversations per message, without wasting your entire weekly pocket money on phone credit.

WhatsApp is starting to get noticed and It instantly became a reference point Telecom. Everyone was using the green app and before long, there wasn’t a single smartphone that didn’t have a WhatsApp icon claiming its place.

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And from that moment on, since the launch of this market in 2009, There was some news.
WhatsApp is no longer simply the service you can rely on for texting, as over the years it has opened up many other communication perspectives.

One of the most important innovations was represented by the introduction of voice calls and video calls, Excellent ways to make the app your primary call center. Photo and video functions have been improved over time, as well as functions related to voice messages that can also be listened to at a higher speed, in order to make the conversation more dynamic.

Emojis, GIFs and stickers It has gained incredible importance and it seems the WhatsApp team has taken notice.

New update, new graphics

Whatsapp emojis
Back to talking about emojis

Among the many innovations that WhatsApp has brought, in terms of the quality of life on the application, it also falls Lots of graphical improvements. Making an application that is intuitive and practical to use has always been the challenge for the WhatsApp team and its partnersThe new updatewe will act strictly in this sense.

Among the many updates that have recently introduced new aspects and capabilities of WhatsApp to the world, the one we are going to talk about today is definitely the one Among the most anticipated and Which, somehow, the team had already announced before picking up the oars in the boat due to some issues that users who had Try Grandma.

Let’s talk about the update that was released with Version From WhatsApp Betathe version of WhatsApp that is reserved for so-called Beta testing and can be downloaded from google apps for Android users. Unlike other updates, this one mainly concerns the graphic as well as the functional aspect of an aspect that has become very important in the daily use of the application: Emojis, GIFs and stickers.

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The use of emojis, GIFs and stickers has been found to be essential in implementing semi-verbal communication, It is built not so much on words as on small images that can convey concepts. Choosing the right emoji is very important, because with it you can communicate the mood without getting lost in a short conversation.

Not surprisingly, the new update only offers one New emoji keyboardredesigned to make it easier to navigate the different emoji categories and choose the right one for the moment.

Although at the moment Revamped emoji keyboard Exclusive to beta testers only, we have reason to believe that it will soon be released to the public, given the high anticipation behind this update.

However, many users have already tried the function. On iOS devices, the new emoji keyboard appeared only a few weeks ago and has been in the hands of all users with access to Experimental flight pilot program. However, this feature was removed immediately.

Several users have, in fact, reported on Twitter, Having many bugs It has to do with the use of the new update, which in most severe cases also resulted in sudden app crashes. It is not excluded that some users may still find errors, but the Meta team is confident that if this is reported, It will be corrected in future updates.

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