More than 600 people are left isolated from the outside world in a national tourist park in Taiwan due to the earthquake

Authorities are searching for more than 600 people In isolation from the outside world Taroko National Park Since the earthquake struck Taiwan on Wednesday. The poor condition of the roads due to multiple landslides makes it difficult for rescue teams to reach the park, which is a very popular destination on the island. At least nine people died in the earthquake.

A helicopter was able to rescue six people in a mining area, and found 50 hotel workers in good condition, who were left incommunicado on the road while heading to a tourist complex in the park.

Inside the park most people will be isolated in hotels. Meanwhile, work is continuing to open the road to Taroko, and rescue teams hope to be able to reach it on Thursday evening.

There are 600 people trapped or isolated from the outside world (Reuters)

More than a hundred people are trapped

Meanwhile, emergency teams are still working 140 people saved Trapped among the rubble or inside the following tunnels Earthquake That shook the east coast of Taiwan.

earthquake, The strongest in the last 25 years On the island, it has been caused for the time being 10 dead The number of infected people exceeds a thousand. The 7.2-magnitude quake could be felt even in neighboring countries and triggered a tsunami warning for a few hours.

The ground zero of the earthquake, which is the most affected area, is an area HualienIt is a tourist area, but it is rural and sparsely populated.

Thirty buildings collapsed (Reuters)

Although many buildings did not fall, a hundred were damaged and nearly thirty were bent by the tremors and became uninhabitable. Nearly a thousand people were evacuated.

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Some residents, accompanied by firefighters, began entering some buildings Recover your property Before they were overthrown.

Many residents are reclaiming their properties in residential complexes that have become uninhabitable (Reuters)

In Hualien City, all the people who were trapped could be rescued, but they died Overnight for fear of more buildings collapsing Three hundred copies ago.

One thousand people evacuated (Reuters)
The number of infected people already exceeds a thousand (Reuters)
Thousands of people spent the night underground for fear of more buildings collapsing (Reuters)

The earthquake also severely shook buildings in the capital, Taipei, but damage and disruption were minimal.

During a hearing in the Hualien area, the most affected area, the island's president-elect and current vice president, Lai Ching-ti, confirmed that the government would allocate allocations 8.6 million euros for reconstruction works And emergency situations

All people trapped in the city were evacuated (Reuters)

The railway line reopened on Thursday except for one station that was damaged.

The world's largest Taiwanese chipmaker was able to restore 70% of its production lines after it was forced to evacuate employees on Wednesday.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen warned residents… Strong aftershocks are possibleBetween 6.5 and 7 degrees over the next few days.

The worst earthquake ever recorded in Taiwan was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in 1999, which killed 2,416 people, and was also epicentered 25 km from Hualien City.

The government will allocate 8.6 million euros for reconstruction tasks (Reuters)

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