June 6, 2023

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Iran, 35 years old was killed with batons during the protests

The authorities forced the family to hurry to bury her and announce the woman’s death due to illness

Nisreen Ghadry fell into a coma and then died after being hit in the head. The same fate befell maha aminithe 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died in September as a result of being hit on the head by the morality police during her arrest for not wearing the Islamic headscarf properly: Her death sparked an unprecedented wave of protests, like the one in which Nasreen shared Friday.

Father forced to say that his daughter died of an illness – The protesters accused the government of forcing it to hastily bury the woman on Sunday morning, as well as forcing the father to declare that the cause of his daughter’s death was linked to “illness” or “poisoning”. A version similar to that adopted by the authorities in the Mahsa Amini case.

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