Val d'Hebron Hospital will not renew its 200 workers

Val d'Hebron Hospital will not renew its 200 workers

(ACN/Redacció) Vall d'Hebron Hospital has informed its workforce that it will not renew the contract of 200 temporary professionals, according to the newspaper “El País” and sources from the center confirmed to ACN. It's about to Contracts for the winter period The same sources indicate that the pandemic period was extended, but the hospital does not have the funds allocated for Covid-19 this year.

Val d'Hebron Director, Albert SalazarThey admitted a few days ago that they will have to adjust spending by some 33 million euros (m €), since then The hospital has no COVID-19 matches In addition, it must bear the increase in the workforce during 2023, with salary improvements under the third agreement of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS).

Amendment to redistribute professionals

The third factor that determines this adjustment is: Redistribution of professionals For the health system that the Ministry of Health wants to strengthen to ensure regional equity. That's how Salazar put it when he noticed an “administrative effort” in regular spending this year in the hospital's accounts.

The director of Val d'Hebron at the time indicated that the hospital's budget for 2024 was approximately 980 million euros, about 20 million euros more than last year. They confirm from the center that they have the highest budget in history and that the workforce is higher than it was before the pandemic.

SATSE disagrees with the reasons given by Vall d'Hebron

Nursing union SATSE Catalunya has warned that these budget cuts will “affect the quality of care” and “accessibility” to Vall d'Hebron and Vall d'Hebron Hospital services. Surgical waiting listsThis will increase, he warns. In addition, the union fears that the number of contracts that have not been renewed will rise to 400 contracts.

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It was stated in a statement by SATSE “Completely different” With the reasons the hospital justifies this amendment: “Neither the improvements of the Third Agreement nor regional equality are reasons to stop investing in a reference hospital in Catalonia.”. “We have been told that the calculations of what the improvements entail have been done on the existing workforce in the first half of 2023 and that the increase in contracts in the second half means that the numbers are not squared. “This does not make any sense, because the workforce has remained very stable,” he explained. SATSE Vall d'Hebron representatives in the data collected in the press release.

The union warns that the “excellent” quality of care provided by the hospital, thanks to the expertise and specialization of its specialists, “cannot be dismantled.”

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