Fear on the faces of men and women: surgery is necessary

Fear on the faces of men and women: surgery is necessary

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All fans are concerned about the face known to both men and women. After the enormous fear, it became clear that the operation was indispensable. What happened?

The characters who alternate on the throne or in the chairs of suitors for men and women from year to year are able to gain the appreciation of the audience at home, which is accustomed to seeing them every day on the program. So when someone has a health problem, they start with that The public’s anxiety increases, almost as if they were close friends. This is what is happening at the moment.

One of the protagonists of the dating show announced his health problems and now all the fans are worried. As everyone knows, Men and Women is a show that has been on the air for over 20 years, and within the studio there are many faces who have made themselves known. Unfortunately, some of them have been forgotten over time, while others are still widely followed by the public.

between Classic throne and oversized throneMen and women have presented many ideas to the public and perhaps this is what ensures that after all these seasons interest in the form is still high. This season the program also confirms that it is one of the most followed programs on Italian afternoon television. In fact, there is no shortage of recording fluctuations after recording.

So the vicissitudes of the classic throne take center stage, but also the champions of the huge throne, including Gemma, still searching for her soul mate, Barbara De Santi who has returned to the chairs and many others after two years of absence. But which of the main characters is having a hard time, we will find out below.

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The face of men and women must undergo surgery

The protagonist in question was on the throne a few years ago, then gave it up to find love outside the show. A man who recently became a father. He is the same one who spoke about his health problems on his social channels.

The process in question is the result A series of hospitalizations For the former tronista, who had been dealing with a rather serious problem a few months ago and had to solve it now. The former tronista in question is Andrea CerioliHis social channels tell us his real problem.

Andrea Cirioli on Newscinema.it

Andrea Sirioli – Newscinema.it – Source: Official Instagram profile

What operation should Andrea Sirioli undergo?

In technical terms it is called CholecystectomyBasically, his gallbladder must be removed, which is an essential operation so that he can avoid problems such as: acute gastritis, biliary colic, and stones that have afflicted him in recent months. Andrea announced this on his social channels. It is a very simple process, with rare exceptions.

Obviously, the risks are the classic risks of any surgery, but after a short period of rehabilitation, Andrea will resume his life without any problems. In short, there is nothing to worry about, best wishes from all fans of Andrea.

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