Morata, intrigue: Even Juventus are in. Inter is ahead, but does not want to push the clause

Yesterday the agents met Giuntoli before the Nerazzurri. Athletic stops: he wants 21 million

Don’t get caught in a hurry, especially in the middle of a market session. Haste is a bad advisor and at the moment it doesn’t seem to help Alvaro Morata’s suitors. And it’s not just Roma, Milan and Inter, because since yesterday Juventus has also signed up for the Spanish player. And here’s the big news: after the presentation, Juventus’ technical district chief Cristiano Giuntoli, together with sporting director Giovanni Manna, boarded a train to Milan, to meet the player’s agents. All this happened before the Spaniard’s entourage went to the Viale della Liberazione, to meet Marotta and Ausilio at the Inter headquarters. But the strand does not collapse, because on the economic level it is a process that no club can close today on the terms of Atletico: the Madrid club demands the payment of the release clause of 21 million euros to allow Morata to leave. No downward negotiations, no discounts: Alvaro has a price tag hanging around his neck and whoever wants it simply has to go to the cashier to pay.

The new challenge

The agents’ action is a tangible attempt to try to please the player, who would like to avoid leaving on South Korea’s tour with Atletico Madrid, which is scheduled to kick off on Monday. So, there are five days left from today to find a solution. Juventus will try again, perhaps already today, because the two sides called yesterday, promising a quick update. If the meeting with Juventus was far from the spotlight, then the meeting with Inter was more exciting, due to the presence of television cameras under the stadium. And at the exit, the lawyer Pepe Pozzo – the mediator – made Milena: “It went so well, I can’t add anything else.” “Hassan” Pozzo is the result of Inter’s desire to close for Morata quickly, but on the terms of the Nerazzurri club. which has made an offer of 15 million to be paid back over several years and believes this is the only way forward at the moment. We’ll see if Juventus (who always have to sell first) relaunch today or if Atletico decide to accept Inter’s proposal by the end of the week, so that Morata can get on the plane to Japan with Inzaghi and not to Seoul with Simeon.

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In any case, it will be an intense workday for Inter. Cuadrado landed yesterday in Milan and today he will undergo medical examinations and sign a contract (one year for 2.5 million), then attempts will be made to close Jan Sommer from Bayern, to allow Inzaghi to leave with at least one goalkeeper. Meanwhile, if Murata’s problem is not resolved, it will be necessary to continue cultivating replacement sutures as well. Arsenal’s Balogun is the favourite, but it costs more than 40 million. Beto from Udinese always likes it too, while the bids for Tarme (Porto) are decreasing. Inter waits without haste. This is a bad guide and for advice she doesn’t want to make mistakes.

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