“Tecnosofia” The book that combines technology and humanity for a new science – Targatocn.it

“Tecnosofia” The book that combines technology and humanity for a new science – Targatocn.it

This is the discussion at the center.PhilosophyThe book is the result of a collaboration between a philosopher and a technologist: Maurice Ferrarisphilosopher and director of the Centro Interateneo Scienza Nuova which unites the University and the Polytechnic of Turin. Guido Saracofull professor of the chemical foundations of technologies at the Polytechnic of Turin, where he has held the position of Rector since March 2018.

The volume, which was presented this afternoon, Tuesday, July 18, at Confidustria Cuneo, In a crowded Ferrero room, he proposes a synthesis of technical and human skills as a solution to future challenges of understanding things that are either radically new or radically transformed.

The starting point of the book – the fruit of the union of the peculiarities of the authors’ thought – is twofold. On the one hand, man is human thanks to technology and not in spite of technology; On the other hand, a good technologist should think about creating new technologies keeping in mind the unexpected consequences for society. From this composite consciousness comes the belief that an alliance between technology and humanity can be beneficial for all. And the more the two worlds interact, the more positively humanity will follow the path of progress.

The narrative structure perfectly builds a building of nine floors – each with its own capital – starting on the ground floor with a non-functioning social elevator, and ending on a balcony with a view, allowing the development and articulation of the sense of the future. On the first floor is the icnosphere, that is, the technological capital, then the information world, the semantic capital; the docusphere, syntactic capital; the anthroposphere, human capital; the biosphere, the ecological capital; Noosphere, the knowledge capital; Axiosphere, a World Heritage Site; The eighth floor: “From each according to his ability,” and the upper floor: “For each according to his needs.”

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“the cars – the authors explained – They are increasingly infallible from repeating the past, and from this point of view they prove very useful for projections into the future, since nature, whether organic or spiritual, tends to repeat itself more often than we would like. But what no machine can do is project itself into the future, find a way to satisfy a need that exists before every living being, while unimaginable to any mechanism. The network will cease to exist a second after humanity disappears, and is therefore dependent on it in all respects, like viruses of living beings.”

How technology changes as it becomes ubiquitous, and thus systematically intertwined with human skills and issues..

This is the challenge. the solution? The more technology and humanity know how to interact, the more positively humanity will follow the path of progress.

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