“Irregular League! Unheard of playing Udinese and Atalanta”

Udinese Kampuchea

Udinese vice president talks about the attack of Udinese Atalanta and Serie A against the league

On Radio Punto Novo, during the Punto Novo sports show, he spoke Stefano CampucciaVice President and Udinese Advocate:

“The approved referee, or not asking for a postponement, is dangerous. We may not know, but it is fair to know that the provision of the TAR was notified on Saturday noon, or on the eve of the match with players who could not have the opportunity to train. The measure was not heard With it before, the features are serious and never seen before. It is inconceivable that the organization does not take into account that the principle of competition is that athletes should be empowered to train regularly. What did not happen ASL banned us from contact sports and we saw the result. I would like To make it clear to everyone that Atalanta is always an ugly beast. The going score was 1-1 and left us hopeful but frustrated with what happened. Athletes are locked in bed until 24 hours into the game, and players are only released on Saturday afternoon. Every player He is his own entrepreneur and has had to play centrally in his own season and the Udinese season. It is incomprehensible how the organization of the competition did not take this into account. He did not hear us with a few hours delay. I can only congratulate Turin, who played a heroic match. The situation was less They risked our situation but they took the field salesman. It’s surreal that we couldn’t convince the league because even two days it would have put the players in physical conditions to be ready for the match. You can’t call a first-class player in the morning to tell him to go play football. Tonight we will see what happens because the asymmetry is not over yet: the asymmetry of Bologna vs Cagliari should be read. This affects not only the two teams, but also the right side of the table. Can Atalanta stand together? I do not know this, I do not want to enter into the subject matter of the lawsuit. I won’t go into the merits of this unfortunate measure to combat Covid, but this is also an ambiguous element. Another item was placed last season with reasonable items in the list. I am not aware of the reasons for changing the regulation. As long as the clubs are exposed to situations like ours, we are talking about 12 athletes in addition to the staff, this situation has destroyed the staff. When an outbreak breaks out in the squad group, the situation always gets worse. Before the unfortunate winter break, we already had some guys who got the third dose, and who didn’t were a boy or out. The Pozzo family’s rigorous management has demonstrated the pride of our company. If the Premier League only played three games in December and was postponed, there must be a reason. Last year we overcame a more difficult contractual situation. I think at this moment we should all do an act of responsibility, and perhaps the League will realize that, even if it is belatedly. I hope we go in the direction of modifying this protocol which is not entirely appropriate. We have to get out of a serious problem: what happened to Udinese could happen to other clubs and undermine the regularity of the tournament. Hopefully the sports judge will understand the problem of the moment.”

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