“Mertens preferred the money. Strong discounts on season tickets”

“Mertens preferred the money. Strong discounts on season tickets”

Naples, De Laurentiis: “Mertens rejected 4.5 million annual”

However, the most important thing about the interview is anxiety dries Mertens. De Laurentiis enters into the merits of not renewing the Belgian, definitively closing the door on fans’ hope of a return to the blue of ‘Ciro’ and explaining the intense attempt made to keep the best scorer in Italian history in the team:De Laurentiis is a club, but he’s also a Napoli fan – President’s speech – In addition to passion, football is now an industry and therefore must follow the rules of the market, which do not always correspond to the rules of the fans. Mertens proposed for another year because he knew that at the age of thirty-five, sooner or later he would have to retire. But he also just made it a matter of vile money, so I had to say no. Paying Mertens a disproportionate amount would have us losing the budget to take on the younger players for the next few sessions. The last offer I made to him was a total of 4 million for the following season, he turned it down and at that point I couldn’t help but thank him for everything he did for us, wishing him the best and telling him we couldn’t do more..Napoli need young players for the next few seasons.“.

De Laurentiis and the market: “I love Simeone, Kim charms me”

It’s a short step from those in Napoli who will no longer play with those who can play there. De Laurentiis says all about Market, From Kim to me Simeone:I like the idea of ​​a Korean player, as he’s 1.90 tall as well. The Korean in Naples is a great combination that interests me, but the thought of paying his taxes even in Korea seems strange to me .. Schiavelli will end up being a consultant in Tremonti … I like Simeone very much, but you have to understand what the coach thinks: he is a very good striker, But he’s less compatible with Osimhen than Betania, but not playing 4-4-2 are relative letters. The game takes 90 minutes, there are five substitutions and all players must understand that substitution or joining later is not the end of the world. Another hot topic I goalkeepers With the chase open to the extreme defender who won’t necessarily have to do just the reserve Merritt: “You have to have at least two good ones and then it’s up to the coach to manage them. We can’t have a hard first slap and a second slap just to make Merritt happy, I hope he understands that too. The goalkeeper can.” We play 52 games in one season. Relationship with Spalletti: “We have an excellent relationship, we are honest, we are honest and we always tell each other what we think.“.

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“Harassment” fans? It has been misinterpreted.”

From illustration to illustration and then De Laurentiis back to another The sentence that caused the discussionthe episode that talks about “harassed fans who find an outlet for encouragement”:Covid upset everything, when you lose more than 200 million, in the context of Italian football where you lose one billion and 800 million in a two-year period, you get frustrated. It is also necessary to know how to interpret the words one utters. It is clear that at a certain stage we are dealing with those who could be harmed economically for other reasons, disappointed in their emotions and in their work. And he finds an outlet in being a fan, which is free territory. You said that one is upset and needs to de-stress, but when there are press conferences for some topics, maybe the journalist comes up with a joke, there is an unexpected question and maybe the answer is wrong. interpreted“.

Naples All season ticket campaign prices

So a long page dedicated to Subscribe campaign At first with strong cuts, preceded by anticipation on the shirts: “The new home jersey will be presented on Wednesday when we play against Adana. For others, I don’t say anything, we’ll probably have scores like last year. The campaign launches on July 25 and there are many new features. We have offered discounted rates for families and women. 50% discount for those under 14 years old and 25% for the second member of the couple. However, women will get a 10% discount. The lower curves will cost 195 euros, 175 euros for women, 136.50 euros for a couple and 97 euros for children under 14. The upper curves are all 205, 213, 50. 152.50 euros. Minimum VIPs cost the full 390 euros, for women 351, for a couple 273, and for under 14,195 euros. Total 570, women 513, couple 399, under 14285. Grandstand nisida: full €766, couple 539, under 14,385. For Posillipo platform, full €1030, women €927, couples 721, under 14 €521,000De Laurentiis also declared the importance of Works To Maradona:I intend to build more elevators, and now there is one. Then there are some sitting rooms, at least 40, at the top in both the Posillipo Tribune and Distinti. And then a popular runway, from 500 or 1000, which will be equipped with a certain service for those who want to use it. The works in the stadium will be ongoing, and we have already equipped part of the garage and part of the press room. But also all the other locker rooms, for the visiting teams: when you play in the Champions League, but also with the big teams in the First Division, there is only shame otherwise ”.

‘Napoli needs a model stadium’

Speaking of the stadium, De Laurentiis then focuses on relationships with subscriber, Before and after the last elections:I have yet to fix the story of the turnstiles that I paid from 2007 to 2008. When Auricchio was there, along with Chiavelli, I made an offer of about twenty million to return the stadium, but this was not taken into account, already the architect’s project Zavanella, like Juventus Stadium, has not even been checked. Since ’99 I’ve been talking about a virtual playground, but you can’t take sides against lies, so in the long run the truth will come out. Today, with this new mayor, who, despite being a Juventus player, does not put a blaster in the wheel, we are trying to fix all the pieces of the past and then prove that the stadium should be an asset to Napoli in the next 99 years. Calcio-Napoli will undertake to dismantle the superstructure built for the 1990 World Cup. There must be an exemplary stage.”

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