Monza wins Race 2 and puts the quarter-final series back into a tie

Monza wins Race 2 and puts the quarter-final series back into a tie

Monza. March 22, 2023

Play Offs, yellow and blue collage: Monza wins Game 2 and puts the quarterfinal series back into a tie

Itas Trentino’s three-way wall tries to contain the German’s attack opposite Grozer (Photo by Vero Volley)

The home worker was also confirmed as the winner of Game 2 of the quarter-final series of the Play Offs Scudetto SuperLega Credem Banca 2023. In this case, it was Monza Arena that dictated its law during game two of the match at best at five o’clock: the hosts won Ferro Volley Monza 3-1 over Itas Trentino, bringing the fate of the match back to a draw and giving another home game (match 4 on April 2) to their fans.
Without Michieletto, Depalma and finally Podrascanin (digestive issues for all three), with Lavia and Cavuto not at their best but still on the bench and with 11 sets in legs in the previous five days, Giallobl still trying to sell for dear life but they couldn’t avoid The defeat, which came due to definite advantages of the opposition but also due to the lack of tried and true playing mechanics for an on-field setting that had not been attempted before during the previous 40 official matches of the tournament. season. Given the many absences, Lorenzetti actually had to return Kazeski to the hammer role (14 points for the leader), using Nelly in return and including Dehir in the middle in the starting six and Davronoc in the squad (the best of his, with 18 points, block, ace and 53% in attack). The unsurpassed Sixers initially struggled to find measures, especially in reception, but in the second part they managed to respond better to block Monza’s very inspired attack and attack. The best part of Trentino’s evening in Brianza after the second set, he lost clearly; After losing 0-2, Spertoli and his teammates raised their heads once again, deservedly winning the third set in the sprint and staying in the match until 18-20 in the fourth.

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Below is the scoring history for Match 2 of the Scudetto SuperLega Credem Banca 2023 Play Offs quarter-finals played tonight at Monza Arena.

Real volleyball Monza Itas Trentino 3-1
(25-21, 25-16, 23-25, 25-18)
real volleyball Davyskiba 13, Beretta 9, Grozer 21, Maar 19, Galassi 4, Kreling, Federici (L); Szark 1, Zimmermann, Pirazzoli. Nei Martella, Bisoni, Magliano, DiMartino. Massimo Achilli’s flock.
Itas Trentino: Džavoronok 18, Lisinac 9, Nelli 8, Kaziyski 14, D’Heer 5, Sbertoli 4, Laurenzano (L); Pace, Lafia 1. Nei Cavuto, Berger, Bernardis. The herd is Angelo Lorenzetti.
the reviewer: Capello from Sortino (Syracuse) and Saltalibi from Città di Castello (Perugia).
Fixed term: 26′, 24′, 31′, 27′; Total 1 hour 48.
NB: 2116 spectators, the group is not disclosed. Vero Volley: 12 blocks, 9 aces, 14 serve errors, 6 action errors, 53% in offense, 37% (18%) in reception. Itas Trentino: 8 blocks, 7 aces, 19 serving errors, 10 running errors, 45% in offense, 45% (28%) in reception. Krilling’s best player.

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