Juventus transfer market, Sunday as the Queen. Nandes last shot?

Zakaria identifies with young defender Jati, Kolosevsky and Bentancourt landing on the plane to London. The Cagliari midfielder can reach Caio Jorge

The effects of the last (intense) hours of the transfer market at Juventus led to the medical visits scheduled for January 31 for two new deals: Denis Zakaria and Federico Gatti. The first is an immediate promotion for Allegri, and the second is a potential purchase that will remain on loan in the coming months at Frosinone. Two entrants for two sales: Dejan Kulusevsky and Rodrigo Bentancur, both at Tottenham.

The Bianconera Sunday

Juventus didn’t stop after Vlahovic’s coup, far from it. She’s asserted herself as the great queen of this winter market session with one shot per section, with the last day available to surprise her fans once again. Juventus’ long Sunday started early, early in the morning, with two exits: with the definition of the Kulusevski sale first (loan with conditional redemption obligation) and with the Bentancur sale after (final). Early in the afternoon the final close with Zacharias, another early arrival to give Allegri what he had requested to give the team a more identity of its own. While waiting for the Swiss midfielder – who landed in Turin at 9.40pm with a special flight from Düsseldorf – Juventus burned Turin at the end of the deal to secure Gatti, B’s top defender. Ihattaren has also been introduced to Ajax (official) and Dragosin to Salernitana (already in Salerno to support hits). On the other hand, Kulusevsky (departing after 20) sent his greetings to Juventus fans through reporters at Kassel Airport: “I had a great time here, and I hope to come back one day.” Is the market closed? Not yet: the hypothesis of exchanging Nandez-Kaio Jorge loans with Cagliari still stands, and we will talk about it until the last useful moment. In any case, given the trend of the past few days, it’s still best not to deny the possibility of other last-minute surprises.

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