Brasier pays Milan with the details of the first offer. Here's Who's Plan B Defense | Primabagina

Brasier pays Milan with the details of the first offer.  Here's Who's Plan B Defense |  Primabagina

Simic's growth is reassuring for the future, but it does not change the plans of Milan, which is working to give its coach Pioli another defender. A return to the Gabia base is not enough to stem the bleeding of injuries that have hit the department, and Moncada and Dotavio have set the correct profile at Brassiere del Brest for several days. The class of 1999 is very popular not only with the Rossoneri but also with Monaco, which has already taken its first official steps, Porto and Leverkusen.

Status – Milan already have Brasier's full approval Which pays to reach his compatriots Mignan, Hernandez and Giroud. It now appears that agreeing on contractual terms is a mere formality, but the discussion with Brest is more complex: The first application for a loan with the right of redemption did not ignite the enthusiasm of the Breton club. Brest is having a dream season, as it currently occupies fourth place in the French League table, four points behind second-placed Nice. That is why the intention will be to keep Brassier at least until the end of the season, but the will of the player could play a decisive role in these negotiations. The valuation is around 11/12 million euros but could rise given the great interest it has aroused.

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Length in Orbita- Following the working method also used last summer, Milan always works at multiple tables. Lenglet is also still in orbit and has not changed his mind despite making two consecutive starts recently: he wants to leave Aston Villa in January. Moncada is very attracted to the possibility of bringing the experienced French defender to the Rossoneri, but at the moment there are still difficulties associated with the price tag and high salary of the Barcelona-owned player. Brasier has become Milan's priority, and Lenglet is Plan B

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