Avoid the risk of wanting everything

Avoid the risk of wanting everything

There are people who only know you today, but have the ability to understand your past personality.; Young boy if things go well, you can be that reference person for someone. It’s good to have superpowers, it’s a drama to waste them, not use them, or forget them. There’s not enough violin that can make you cry as much as another missed opportunity. We hope you fall in love with someone, or yourself, as much as you fall in love with problems. We all have our refuge from depression.

Sound of rain, soundtrackEmilyWe passed by the grandmothers house, which we miss very much, croissants in Forn de Sant Jaume, smelling like freshly cut grass, a dog just like the one you have, avoiding your eyes when you know you’re crying even if the tears don’t fall. The catalog is as long as it is unique. You have the right to increase, save or close it. You don’t owe anyone anything. Don’t hide your individuality. Wisdom will not make us traitors, only lying will make us traitors. Octavio Paz used to say that poetry is the art of seeing the other side of reality through words, and I would say that we might be pretending to be poets, looking for the shadows that improve reality.

We are looking for a way out of the maze of our memories, escaping the set of mistakes and decisions that made us who we are today. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that what you see in the mirror is not who you are today. If you look and see the reflection you are no longer you, they are pieces that come and go, frowns that make you feel bad and you don’t know if they came to laugh at you or just to remind you of that day. tomorrow. When there is a fire they say the first thing people take is pictures; Memories Today, we may not have as many albums and data clouds as we grace our souls with, but we do have scraps of life sorted out. Hidden memories often hurt us but they always make us feel more alive. Proust cakes in little boxes move in our untrained and lazy soul.

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I remember few “what if” or “what could have been” episodes, although I was in a lot of them. But I feel that I never leave the semi-laser state in which I live always chewing the air of these horizons that never existed before, but which have made me suffer so much. Intensity, yes, so what? But we will suffer again and we will triumph again because we already know that we have trembled again. That’s why he’s already turned a corner and is fine when he’s fine. You close doors, they’ll tell you. Look, this isn’t how things work. Stopping chasing anything new doesn’t mean you don’t discover what’s worthwhile. And I’m not talking about heavy husbands. Or also but above all it is about opening the focus and avoiding the risk of wanting everything. As my friend says, a hungry person dreams of bread. But I think we’ve already passed that tipping point. It is now a very straight road that it can be a bit scary for those next to you. It’s okay if they can’t follow you, we’ll meet up.

He said that lying is actually betrayal, not because of deception but because it is a brake. For yourself Only by understanding and accepting your steps will you be able to make your way. If not, you will only get to places where you will be able to love them. At work it can’t be day after day. And it can’t be everything even with family because we’ve always done it that way. With your partner, you can’t wait for the other person to not be offended. Too much cork is not good, and you don’t have to put up with anything or anyone. Use the anger of frustration to take the step: Get rid of the one who betrayed you and disappointed you, because perhaps he did not betray you, or he does not even know that he exists in this story of yours. It was you who wanted to see where he was never there. You’re just giving him a second secret, a third secret, and dozens of opportunities. You are secretly sponsoring your own scams. And you don’t owe anything.

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We all make choices and so we all give up. Don’t worry. Now everyone is in his place, at the end of messages to answer, no priority in the call list and no desire to be anxious. We lie to each other, betray each other, and pretend to worship what we don’t like. Everything cannot be. It makes me think about what they say in that movie, which is that it’s not beauty or attractiveness, it’s youth, fascination with longing. I think your energy is lacking, but Aristophanes said, “Youth passes, immaturity is overcome, ignorance is cured by education, drunkenness is cured by sobriety, but stupidity lasts forever.” And in the end it will all be the stupidity of not wanting to see clearly and wanting to feed ourselves only with dreams and difficulties.

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