Moms learn and science proves that this activity for toddlers up to two months old can make them super smart

Many parents are used to thinking of their children as little geniuses. Sometimes it is a conditional reflection of the love one feels: After all, as Benno Daniel sang, “Every cockroach is beautiful for Mama Suga.”

However, it is also true that some children are born with more intelligence and curiosity. What a good parent should do is something moms know and science supports: Read on. Pay attention, it is not meant to be read only for yourself. In this article, the ProiezionidiBorsa team will try to explain why it is important to do this with children as well, to read to them and with them.

Reading is a major activity of intelligence development and language. Not everyone knows that it can also start very early, when the baby is only two months old. It is clear that complex readings such as the Divine Comedy would not be possible, but something suitable must be chosen.

It goes without saying that before six months the baby does not have the independence or awareness to be able to understand what we are talking about. And here comes the role of the parent who, with care, love and concern, has to “give life” to reading.

When they are very young, children love rituals and gestures that are always repeated in the same manner. They reassure them and help them understand that they are in a known environment. It is therefore important to narrate rhymes, lullabies, nursery rhymes and fairy tales through play with sound.

At just six months old, shapes and colors are also very important. There are game books with many pictures, which children can learn about. As the child begins to develop, he will also learn to interact with and understand the object of the book.

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Moms learn and science proves that this activity for toddlers up to two months old can make them super smart

How to choose a book for the newcomer at home? It is important first and foremost that they are safe items. Soft, without corners, the baby can also put it in his mouth. So, absolutely non-toxic.

It is good to choose brightly colored books, which can also stimulate the visual intelligence of newborns. It is also better to choose reasonable numbers, which the child can recognize and associate with names and words later in development. Also for this reason, it is important to choose familiar everyday characters.

It is also important that these things are not bulky: the child must be able to handle and play with them.

Finally, it would be better if the stories told were stimulating, musical, rhythmic and also tell the most contrasting experiences to accustom the child to the concept of diversity.

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