“So I decided to fix Lucio Fontana’s famous haircuts.”

“So I decided to fix Lucio Fontana’s famous haircuts.”

From Monday 4th July to The Berta Distillery in the village of Casalotto di Mombaroso will host the exhibition “Ricocer Fontana” by Pepe Patarino from Nice.

A retired writer and artist, for some time he developed a passion for the works of Lucio Fontana and decided to honor him, revisiting the famous paintings with “Stories”.

As he explains: “I was little more than a boy when I first saw Fontana’s work. A canvas on which three pieces are made at equal distances from each other vertically and of equal length. They looked like wounds on a living body and I thought, “Those wounds need to be fixed.” I forgot that story for decades until, they say, the devil put his tail on them and I saw the same cut-off board, on a magazine. This happened in the present when old age and free time now allowed me to devote myself to the realization of this crazy idea.” The crazy idea had a name. “Ricocer Fontana.” The idea was well-liked, and thanks to Patarino’s passion for space and science, one of his paintings was exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum In Naples, as part of the event “Art and Science”, sponsored by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Patarino, who signs his paintings Cinotti (Mother’s title), explains: “I approached this little project, without assumptions or desire to question the work of that brilliant man who was the Italian-American South artist. Then, when I experimented with the idea and technique, I realized that I I don’t quite agree with the meaning that the artist has given these stories.With the fourth dimension, Fontana intends to break the meaning of “matter” by suggesting spatial openings in the paintings, so much so that he establishes a movement that he calls “spatial”. And it is precisely this meaning that does not agree with me. …I contend that the matter cannot be dealt with by denying it. Canvas, categorical, color and itself belong to the material world from which one can only be alienated by imagination, which in itself is a mere imagination.

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Patrino’s work, No Place, No Time, wants to “reform tears and re-establish their role in the world, always leaving the door to emotions open.”

timetablesFrom Monday to Friday 8-12 and 14-18, and Saturday and Sunday 9-12 and 15-18.

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