March 26, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Badelj is a man with heavy goals

Gudmundsson embraces Badelj (Image via Genoa CFC Tanopress)

Below we publish the report cards of for Genoa-Ternana, the match ended with a score 1-0.

Genoa 7 – Knockout missing but he still wins 3 essential points for the climb: +3 on Barry nine days from the finish

Martinez 6 – Safe for high end push-ups, only one foot error

Builder 6 – A fighter who wins almost all duels in which Ternana’s offensive players participate

Vogliacco 7 – Every ball goes through it, safer in its turn

Dragosin 6 Less shiny than usual, just as touchable

Sabella 6 – It is the symbol of “perseverance” that Mr. Gilardino mentioned at the conference: only he knows how many blows he’s had today

Storaro 6 – The usual snubbing and correct behavior but a foul face to face with Iannarilli at the start of the second half does not end the game (58′ Frendrup 6 – Find the target with several long-range, inaccurate shots)

Badger 7 – man of the match. He asserts himself as a man of heavy goals

Strootman 7 A leader in all respects. Capital match in the circle that already allowed Genoa to win the match (79 ‘ Jagiello 6 Free kick from the edge of the left foot on the barrier)

Haps 7 One and a half passes: one for Badelj and one for Storaro. Discontinued due to muscle problem (58′ Krishito 7 Sense of situation on a dangerous Palumbo counter-attack and no technical fouls: quality possession)

Gudmundsson 7 – Just miss the goal, otherwise the ball and the chain are always dangerous (79′ I rise 7 – Great impact on the match plus the goal almost went to the head: it would be nice to see it from the first minute)

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Pochas 6 Scorer streak is off, he makes himself available to the team with plenty of applications (88′ Ecoban 6 – in a few minutes gives everything, what is needed)

Gilardino coach 7 – The layout on the pitch is correct: the formation with three defenders allows him to defend at his best and make the midfield weight important

Ternana 5 – Iannarilli 7; Diakité 5, Sørensen 5, Mantovani 5; Cassata 5 (58′ Corrado 5), Di Tacchio 6 (69 Agazzi 5), Coulibaly 5 (69 Proietti 6), Martella 5 (77′ A. Donnarumma 5); Palumbo 6, Falletti 5 (77 Capanni 5); Partipilo 6 – Coach C. Lucarelli 5