The result of Milan Cremonese: Carniski is brutal, Vasquez is naive, Messias is impregnable

The result of Milan Cremonese: Carniski is brutal, Vasquez is naive, Messias is impregnable
The 1-1 draw between Milan and Cremonese does not make Pioli happy: prepare for the next match Champions League It gets complicated for Milan. Now Liao and company are in sixth place, the battle for fourth place is still as open as ever, but making a mistake could cost you dearly. Moreover, three points at home against Empoli, Cremonese and Salernitana is too little for a team in the Champions League semi-finals. Ballardini and Cremonese regain a point on the Spezia-Hellas Verona pair: salvation is far away (at +6), difficult but not impossible.

AC Milan report cards

Mike Mignan 6 – After being questioned several times, he couldn’t be blamed for the target.


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David Calabria 6 – The AC Milan captain is always proactive, struggling to take really dangerous actions, but makes his presence felt in both stages of the game. Physiological decline in the second half, but his performance is sufficient.

Pierre Calulu 5,5 – He always threw well for the forwards, assisting him for the disallowed Salmakers goal. His through balls are kissable and he reaches out to the midfielders to stop some of the gray and red moves in the first half. However, he also has many responsibilities to achieve Okereke’s goal.

Malik Thiaw 5.5 – Tough and decisive in tackles when necessary, he destroys everything with the sled marking Okereke’s goal: instead of impeding the ex-Venice, he impedes his teammate.

Food DANCE-TOUR 5,5 – Less energetic than Calabria, it works yes but a bit improvised.

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Ismail bin Nasser 6 – Latita is a bit in the planning stage, but he’s number one in crushing offensive maneuvering and Cremonese settings.

from 45 ‘radiochronic 6,5 – Great match and elegance, only in the last moments was Mumtaz Karniski denying him the winning goal. He helped appease Vazquez’s own goal.

Aster Frankex 5,5 – A bit too messy and often hiding.

out of 74 Sandro Tonali 5.5 – Not particularly categorical and nervous: he provokes Bickle, who punches him. If nothing else, a Cremonese midfielder was sent off.

Alexis Silimakers 6.5 – He continues to live his great moment: the goal 1-0 is ruled out by centimeters: on the right he shines and always seems to be able to create risks.

From 74′ Junior Messias 7 – Extremely hardcore and proactive that drives Vasquez crazy. From a free kick, which he won and lost in stoppage time, Milan saved themselves with an equalizing goal.

Charles D. Kettler 5 – We see that he tries, but he has a golden opportunity and spoils it: too little conviction to try to beat a goalkeeper like Karnicki.

From 63′ Rafael Leao 6 – He gets on the field and starts creating hazards for the gray and red running back guard, but he devours a goal and is sometimes quite frantic in his plays.

Ibrahim Diaz 5.5 – A couple of steals, a couple of acceleration and a goal devouring goal, and much more.

Origin Divock 5,5 – He starts badly, then grows slowly but still lacks a bit of cynicism and malice in front of goal.

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from 63′ Oliver Giroud 5.5 – Almost as imperceptible as his Belgian counterpart.

Coach: Stefano Pioli 5.5 – He exaggerates his turnover and tries to recover while building with substitutions: two more points lost and Milan who often finds himself in trouble with small teams. Overall, his 450th Serie A seat has a somewhat bitter aftertaste.

Cremonese report cards

Marco Carnici 7 – Bravissimo both to defuse Origi’s crossfire, De Ketelaere better not jump. He was not responsible for Vazquez’s own goal and in the final Krunić denied the winning goal: the goalkeeper.

Leonardo Cernicola 5.5 – Very boring and often distracting.

Luka Lukoshvili 6 – Tackles are not always good to see from a stylistic point of view, but they are often coarse and effective.

Vlad hookah 7 – He took them all, a wall this evening, like Karnesky. Only Ballardini stops him, who chooses to replace him due to muscle problems.

From 73′ Alex Ferrari 6 – Defend without excesses, end game in the office.

Johann Vasquez 4.5 – Very nervous and leaves plenty of room for the Salmakers, he can’t even get his Belgian plate. In the extra time of the second half, he made an omelette: a foul on Messi, a yellow card and an own goal from the awarded free kick.

Marco Benassi 5.5 – Colorless performance with few signals.

From 56′ David Okerek 7 – Find a scholastic target in the counterattack, skipping naive Thiao and Kalolo like pins: it makes Cremonese dream and unlock itself.

Charles Pickle 4 – More present in the defensive phase than in the offensive phase, his game is not enough. Hitting Tonali in the face is a bad gesture that causes him to shower prematurely.

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swalihu dead 5 – Disaster: he’s a sieve in front of the defence, and De Ketelaere needs “help” to take Cernesecchi head-on.

Pablo Gladames 6 – Chased by Kalulu and Thiaw, he failed to let his imagination run wild in the first half. But in the second half of the match, he found the starting point for Okereki, who put the former rifle striker into the goal.

From 84′ Michele Castagnetti sv.

Christian Boniotto 6 – Try to run a few times, generally play the big game of sacrifice rather than suggestion.

From 56′ Emmanuel Valéry 6 – Sacrifice match and the goal devours.

Felix Avena Gian 5.5 – He never sees himself and never tries to make himself dangerous, bad, and bad. In the second half he had a number of interesting flashes, but not enough to suffice.

From 73′ Paolo Ghiglione 6 – Its game is challenging but very useful.

Coach: David Ballardini –

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