Euroleague, Olympiacos – Milan 82-66, Olympia KO in Piraeus

Euroleague, Olympiacos – Milan 82-66, Olympia KO in Piraeus

Olympia pays for the empty pass in the third quarter with only 6 points and thus the Greeks rampage: 82-66. Messina’s team remains in the penultimate group

Day No. 17 of the Euroleague. Virtus’ achievement in Barcelona on Thursday, while tonight Milan were defeated by Piraeus.

Olympiacos – Milan 82-66

Milan’s positive streak is interrupted in Piraeus, Olympiacos with a great second half making coach Ettore Messina’s 500th Euroleague game bitter. After a good start, Olympia suffers first from Peters’ triples and then from Sloukas’ and Walkup’s overtures. Too many turnovers for the Italian champions who also pay the price for a bad night from the arc.


Confidence and great execution are the hallmarks of Olimpia in this period, the start of the match in Piraeus is no exception, with a very difficult basket by Davies and a dunk by Melli, 0-4. Peters shines for hosts determinedly looking for a fall totem, and the Davies-Melli pivot is still in high gear, 5-8. Peters is always the most dangerous offensive end for the Greeks, the fall makes itself felt on the rebound, 11-8 in the fifth minute. Olympia regains offensive fluidity forcing a second fall penalty, good effect from Thomas and Lau Cabarot, 18-15. Without Vyzenkov, it is Papanicolaou and the savage Peters who keep the hosts’ lead, and Makisic with his blow of the whistle ensures Olympiacos’ lead at the first whistle, 27-15. Coach Messina’s team slides down to minus 15 and back again thanks to Mitrou-Long, the Italian champions’ defense is now more aggressive, the Baron from the corner -10, 32-22. The host’s comeback continues, biting and running with transition, a terrific choral feat that was shut down by the trio by Hall, 34-27. Now it was Olympiacos who hit the Olympia wall, Voigtmann and Heinz preciously worked Milan with only one possession past Dui Davies. 41-38. The final sharp of the first half is from Vyzhenkov signing the buzzer beater that leaves a 6-point advantage for the Hellenic Red and White, 44-38 in the middle of the game. Olimpia returns more determined and finds Richie immediately engaged, 46-43 after Virtus Bologna’s previous semi-hook. The quick hands of Milan’s defense remove certainty from the owners, a technician in Messina returns oxygen to Fall and his companions, three times in front of Walkup, 52-43. It’s time to black out Milan (only 6 points in the third). Another Greek fire at the end of the third period, this time it’s Sloukas making the triple that signs the new plus-15 at the penultimate siren, 59-44. Two umpire calls make the visitors nervous, Walkup’s speed and Sloukas’ management are a factor, Olympiacos cruise to over 21, 68-47 after a solitary dunk of Vyzenkov. It is Olympia’s act of surrendering despite Heinz’s ex-pride.

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Olympiacos: Peters 16, Wacap 10, Papanicolaou and Makisic 9.

Milan: Baron 12, Luau Cabarot and Metro Long 9

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