Vicenza, Viale della Senza is full of holes at night

Vicenza, Viale della Senza is full of holes at night

The cost of the Viale della Scienza pitch in Vicenza is 305 thousand euros

From Monday 6 June – with the announcement of the municipality – the asphalt entrance will begin at night, from 9 pm until 6 am, in Viale della Senza in Vicenza. A part of about 550 meters of the southern semi-road will be affected in the direction of Vicenza, starting from the border with Altavilla Vicenina until the intersection with Via del Commercio. The project amounted to a total of 305 thousand euros.

“We made and kept a promise to the city – in the words of Mayor Francesco Rocco – by restoring the bumpy road surface at a strategic city road junction. Other tenders are underway in different areas of the city. In fact, the redevelopment plan for roads and sidewalks continues, which has seen In 2022 an investment of 4.5 million euros, against an average allocation of 1 million euros.”

“It was an intervention that could no longer be postponed to eliminate the numerous subsidences located along the length of one of the city’s main roads – explains infrastructure consultant Mattia Irardi – which is characterized by high traffic and the consequent deterioration of the pavement. Thanks to the works, which are part of the Redeveloping the industrial area west of Vicenza, we will make road users safe.”

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