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Wimbledon (UK) – Lorenzo My Musity against john My dear Pericard: The quarter-finals of Wimbledon are up for grabs. The Italian tennis player, ranked 25th in the ATP rankings, faces the fearsome Frenchman known for his powerful and accurate serves. Follow the match report…


Musetti ended the second set with a 1-1 (4-6, 6-4) tie.

Musetti closes the first point, then helps Pericard with the bar and leads 15-15. The Blues come back with an extraordinary pass and a winning serve: at 40-15, Pericard misses the return and allows Musetti to close the set.


First break for Musetti: 5-4

For the first time in the match, Musetti manages to get two break points, leading 15-40. Pericard tries to cancel them, forcing a second serve, but commits a double fault: break for blue: 5-4.


Musetti holds serve: 4-3

Pericard starts strong with a forehand winner, then Musetti recovers and closes with a winning serve: 4-3 for the blues.


Another perfect service game for Pericard: 3-3

The Frenchman continues to give Musetti crumbs to serve: 3-3.


The balance is not broken: Musetti holds his serve and advances to 3-2

Musetti is very accurate and attentive with his serves: 3-2 for Blue.


Burkard responds present: 2-2

Another match without service errors for Pericard who finished the match in a draw: 2-2.


Musetti is perfect in service.

Musetti holds serve at zero: 2-1.


Burkard holds serve: 1-1

Burkard receives only one point (double fault) and draws: 1-1.

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Musetti started well in the second set: 1-0

The first game is balanced: Pericard starts strong, but Musetti responds blow after blow and takes the first point.


Burkard wins first set: 6-4

Pericard holds serve and closes out the first set with a winner.


Musetti holds serve: 5-4 to Pericard

Musetti closes the gap and holds serve to go 4-5. Now Pericard will serve for the first set.


Burkard carries the transmission.

The match went back without problems for the Frenchman who went ahead 5-3. Musetti will now work to stay in the group.


Break per pericard: 4-3

A difficult start to the match for Musetti (0-30), then a great forehand from the blue and two return errors from the Frenchman allowed him to turn the score around. At 40-30, Pericard forced Carrarino to make a forehand error. With the advantage, Musetti still misses a pass and gives the first break point of the match, which Pericard exploits with a great response: the first break of the match.


Pericard assisted with tape: 3-3

A balanced match, ending with a lucky point for Pericard: the Frenchman, with the score 40-30, helped by the tape to regain the match.


Musetti made no mistakes: 3-2

Another favorable turn for My Musitywhich ends the game by giving the Frenchman only one point: concluding with a winner.


Burkard takes advantage of the serve: 2-2

Musetti leads 15-0, then Pericard uses his serve to recover and level (he closes with an ace on the second serve).

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Musetti is perfect in serving: 2-1

Another game without conceding a single goal Fifteen for my musicwho took advantage of some of the Frenchman’s many mistakes to take a 2-1 lead.


Burkard Draw: 1-1

Excellent start Musetti flies to 30-0, then Brickard He recovered by capitalizing on two errors with a blue backhand. He eventually finished the match with a shot into the net and a winner.


Musetti starts well: 1-0

Ace, short ball, forehand, and serve winner: Musetti holds the first match Without the opponent giving up a single point.


Let’s Go: My First Musi

The challenge begins: Lorenzo Musetti at bat.


Musetti and Mbitchi Pericard on the pitch

Lorenzo Musetti and Giovanni Mbitchi-Pericard enter the pitch. The warm-up begins.


Musetti, words about Mbitchi Pericard

These were the words of Lorenzo Musetti at the end of the match in Stuttgart, which he won in two sets (7-6, 7-6) against Pericard. On that occasion, the blue tennis player was impressed by the Frenchman’s serve: “Fortunately it’s over, it was tough, but I stayed focused against a player who serves at 230 km/h. I’m happy, it was a mental match. It was frustrating to play against a player like that, he hit three aces in the match. “I also tried to come back but he was exceptional on his serve and I wish him the best.


Who is Mbitchi Pericard: The Frenchman with the Superior Service?

Although he is still very young, John Mbethsie Pericard He is one of the most popular tennis players on the circuit, and is considered one of the emerging players to watch out for. He took home the Nottingham, Morelos and Acapulco Before moving to the higher tournaments and also winning the ATP 250 title in Lyon. His strength is his service, which often allows him to solve the most complicated situations.

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Musetti, The Road to Wimbledon

I blue tennis player He reached the round of 16 at the end of an exhilarating journey: in the first round he defeated Frenchman Lestien in four sets, and in the second round he won Derby of Italy with Al-Dardery In five sets, while in the round of 32 he beat the Argentine Comisana in four sets.


Musetti, formerly with Mbitchi Pericard

Lorenzo Musetti and Giovanni Mepicchi Pericard They faced each other less than a month ago (June 11) in Stuttgart. The blue tennis player prevailed in a hard-fought match that ended in a double tiebreak. (Read everything…)


Wimbledon, Today’s Programme

Lorenzo Musetti Today’s draw will open with a match against the French. My heart is with youHere’s the full match preview, including the Djokovic-Ron challenge. (Read everything…)

Wimbledon – United Kingdom

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