Mission, blackmail, blame: this is how Putin is looking for new “spies”

Mission, blackmail, blame: this is how Putin is looking for new “spies”

Russian Czar Vladimir Putin comes up with one more than the devil. In fact, with the utmost secrecy, some of his intelligence agents are trying to recruit in Estoniathe new spies In the service of the Kremlin it can be useful for the Ukrainian conflict. . has been revealed times Written by Christian Jani, a former high-ranking police officer. “Russian influences have increased significantly in recent weeks as tensions in Ukraine intensify”, he told the British newspaper, hence the concern of the Estonian government, which fears that some unaware citizens will turn into secret agents, and is working for Moscow to photograph military infrastructures and gather information about NATO in a 360 degree.

What are the three stages

But in what way are Russian agents looking for the right figures to fill the exact role of espionage? The selection takes place in three stages: Initially, the interceptor is given a small task, such as taking a picture of a bridge or any structure. If the subject gets away with it, we move on to the second stage: mental blackmail, and this is a kind of blackmail Processing Which makes him do more dangerous activities. The third and final stage occurs in the event that an Estonian citizen refuses to cooperate: at this stage he is threatened and “blamed” for abandoning his first assignment. However, it is known in every population that there are also the weak and the uninformed and this is the only Russian weapon that is used to corner some extremists to photograph military targets or even to gather information on the Allied forces.

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Pilots to escape from the Russians

But, fortunately, Estonian citizens are not slaves and do not have the slightest fear of the character of the Russian president. The offender assured thatHowever, the Estonian people have a strong willingness and will to defend themselves. All this is an important force“That is why they are posted on the Estonian border crossings and on social networks flyers which explains how to avoid recruitment attempts by the Russian and Belarusian special services by inviting them to notify immediately if anyone experiences such recruitment. “Russian intelligence intensifies its efforts on the border with Estonia. So far, we openly ask people who cross the border into Transfer Attempts by Russian/Belarusian intelligence to recruit and establish contacts. You’d better come to us with this information first, before we come to you‘, reads a tag from the Estonian Security Service on Twitter which you can read at the bottom of the piece.Estonia will help you, but first you have to report the malicious activities of foreign countries’, reads the tweet.

What happens to those who cooperate with Moscow

To get the message across to all residents, as well as prohibition letters and prohibition symbols such as some road signs, the post has been published in English, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian so that everyone can understand it. “It is important for people to know that cooperation with the Russian special services is important punish criminally and that if someone is caught online, our security authorities can help themThe perpetrator explained, according to him, that people are called to report if they notice such activity. Estonia’s goal is to prevent threats and increase people’s awareness of the threat and “Protection of the Estonian population from hostile special services “The offender concluded.

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