The 'king' of OnlyFans is under investigation for child pornography

The 'king' of OnlyFans is under investigation for child pornography

The Andorran police opened “an investigation to determine whether there are links in the activity” of the aforementioned site he Rei d'OnlyFans “With child pornography.” This was confirmed by the emirate’s Minister of Interior and Justice, Esther Mulney, in statements to Andorra newspaper After the broadcast of the program on SaturdayResearch team From La Sexta about the phenomenon of OnlyFans, a paid online platform through which a lot of pornographic content is published.

On this network, 97% of users who upload videos are women. In addition, Mulney added: “We are concerned about the well-being of all people, especially minors, because they are vulnerable.” And in the La Sexta report, Sergio Fuentes, he Rei d'OnlyFans, “I like that the models I wear have an innocent look, but they are obviously good,” he said. “If he tells me he doesn't do explicit things, that he doesn't masturbate, then I'm not interested in his profile,” he said, adding that “younger women like him more, and if they're younger, all the better.” La Sexta analyzed this platform from the hands of Fuentes, who takes between 30% and 50% of what my “models” produce. In addition, he noted that the girls he represents receive a monthly income of about 400,000 euros per month between them all.. In addition, Mulney did not rule out further crimes such as promoting prostitution, although he also stated that it was possible that there was no criminal offense involved.

“Young women like it more, and if they are younger, even better,” Fuentes stated on the program.

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In the emirate, the three opposition parties (Concordia, Socialist Party and Andorra Indavant) expressed their rejection of this issue. They also agreed on the need to reconsider the foreign investment model that has arrived in Andorra, as presented Andorra newspaper.

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