Dismayed host, video spreads around the world – Libero Quotidiano

Dismayed host, video spreads around the world – Libero Quotidiano

Ladies and gentlemen, at the Saint Petersburg Forum, the most important economic forum in Russia, guests of honor: I TalibanAnd so Jacobo Iacoboni posted on Twitter a video clip in which a representative of the terrorists who regained control of Afghanistan appears on the office of Saint Petersburg Forum. One hostess struggles to hide the confusion and disgust on her face…

On the other hand, compared to previous years, the “prestige” of the guests is the same: before the war the forum was attended by French and German leaders, as well as representatives of major world banks, while now there are rebels from the east. Ukraine, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko A delegation from the Taliban. “This is my fifth year working at the forum and the atmosphere has never been so tense – a 29-year-old employee of the forum revealed Moscow Times No one talks about war, but I can assure you that everyone thinks about it. He’s like Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter’s character: no one says his name but everyone knows him and feels his presence.”

Speaking of the Taliban, according to General SVR – Russia’s Telegram channel for counter-information – Vladimir Putin had made an agreement With them: Russia will pay $5 billion in food, energy and money to the Taliban to abandon their plans to take over some of the territory of Tajikistan. Among other things, it appears that part of the wheat promised by the Taliban was stolen from Ukraine …

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