The hand is in the face of the chair referee

The hand is in the face of the chair referee

London – In the semi-finalsThe ultimate tennis showdowna competition with special rules established by Patrick Mouratoglou, Andrey Rublev defeated by Holger Ron But the Russian was the hero of the evening in his own way.

Triple point condition

In UTS there are special rules, you do not play with the usual score (15-30-40) and there are no sets except 8 minute quarters. Almost like in a tiebreak, tennis players serve twice and the points are added one after the other. The other new feature is related to bonuses: among them are also point cards, including “triple” cards (i.e. a point equals 3). This is exactly where the issue arises. At the end of the second quarter, Rublev (11-10) called for a three-point play, won the race but only got one point…Because the referee did not pay attention to the request.

From that moment on, the Russian became angry first with the chair umpire, then with the supervisor and finally with Mouratoglou, the coach who created the tournament. Rublev demands that the point be repeated and even threatens to abandon the event under the eyes of an incredulous Ron. Meanwhile, the quarter ends and Ron wins 13-11 after a roughly five-minute break. In the third quarter, the text repeats itself (11-11), this time Rublev decides to ask for the three-card in a more dramatic way by getting up on the referee’s chair and hitting the 3 in his face with his fingers.. However, Ron wins the exchange, canceling the Russian’s bonus.

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