Gasoline, which costs the least: prices

Gasoline, which costs the least: prices

The surge in the cost of fuel has started the race towards all possible solutions, from the institutional level with the price-cutting decree the government is considering, to the daily scams of saving petrol and diesel prices. The astonishing quotas reached at service stations provoked a confrontation with other European countries, reopening the old question of Italian tax levies, which the Minister of Environmental Transition has also taken up to the point of proposing a “mobile phone tax”. But is the cost of gasoline in our country really high compared to the rest of Europe?

Gasoline, where it really costs less: the case of Slovenia

If cross-border refueling already existed before the price went up, this phenomenon is happening even more now with higher gasoline rates: more and more motorists, somewhat further away from countries outside the Alps, cross the border with neighboring countries to enjoy. But not all limits are equally valid.

special case is Slovenia. In recent days, queues have been set up at the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia, due to the desire of many Italians to travel hundreds of kilometers to refuel in the eastern Italian state.

Not only is the price of petrol in and around Ljubljana about 40 cents lower than the Italian price, but the Slovenian government has just launched a cap on the cost of fuel, Gasoline withheld at 1,503 euros per liter and diesel at 1,541 euros (Here we explained what Behind them is the increase in fuel prices).

Gasoline, where it really costs less: comparison with Europe

Levels are much lower than in Italy, but also compared to many other countries in Europe. According to a survey by, updated March 14th, that compares the price at the distributor (here to see which Companies lower their prices at the distributor).

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On the continent with our country 2193 euros per liter Among those that recorded the highest cost of gasoline (here we have forecasts on When petrol and diesel prices go down), surpassed only by Germany (2.202 euros per liter), Finland (2.221 euros per liter) and the Netherlands (2.222 euros per liter).

However, our neighbors are no different on these levels: in Swiss The price reaches 1.909 euros per liter while in France And the Austria Gasoline price is 1.987 euros per liter.

Among the countries that register Lowest price Of gasoline, Russia leads 0.394 euros per liter, followed by Belarus (0.600 euros per liter), Ukraine (1.104 euros per liter), Turkey (1.266 euros per liter), Hungary (1.284 euros per liter), Malta (1,340 euros per liter) and Moldova (1352 euros per liter). per liter).

Gasoline, where it actually costs less: Ranking the highest production fee

There should be a separate discussion, which we have already covered here, of tax fees: With 0.73 for every liter of gasoline Italy has the highest tax fee in Europe, after the Netherlands at only 0.79 euros per liter.

Immediately after our country put Finland, Greece (0.70 euros per liter), France at the foot of the podium (0.68 euros per liter) and Germany (0.65 euros).

On the other hand, if we consider diesel, Italy outperforms everyone in terms of production tax: at 0.62 euros per liter of diesel Our country is at the top of the standings, ahead of Belgium (0.60 euros per liter) and France (0.59 euros).

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