March 25, 2023

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Russo-Ukrainian War, Gesture of General Kyiv: Thirty silver coins to the Ambassador of Belarus as “compensation for treason”

Thirty silver coins As a “compensation” for Treason committed by the Belarusian border guards Which allowed the Russian army to enter Ukraine. This is the provocation of the head of the Ukrainian border service, Sergey Denko, who posted a video on Facebook in which a border guard presenter is trying to hand over to the Belarusian ambassador to Ukraine, Igor Sokol, 30 silver coins addressed to the head of the Belarusian Border Control Commission, Anatoly Labo. “Racists perpetrate open and bloody aggression against Ukraine from the territory of Belarus – as the soldier says to Sokol in the video -. You know, thirty pieces of silver is the reward for treason. Serhiy Dineko ordered this to be handed over ”fiery saluteTo the head of the border commission, Major General Labo. This is an order.” Sokol replied, trying to escape, “It is not for me, but for you,” but the soldier carrying the coins followed him, as seen in the video.

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