Problem opening schools through Omigron, from Europe to the US

Keeping schools open is a priority for all nations of the world, but it is essential to ensure the safety of students and teachers in doing so. According to experts, the contagion of Omigran makes vaccine masks and Govt tests the main tools that governments should follow.

Education Seems to be there Priority Of Governments However, nothing has been done to ensure its safe continuation. This is the lead motif that brings millions of students back to class at the end of the Christmas holidays, uniting not only Europe but most countries. The spread of the Omigran variant has led to a capillary increase in infections and, above all, increased difficulties in managing the classroom presence of students and school staff among young people, however, governments have not done so. One step seems to be to step back.

Omicron positive can cause co-damage in children

He confirmed it Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference, Boris Johnson shouted throughout Great Britain: Children must go back to school, distance education has done so much damage to their education, but above all it must activate their psyche. But in recent days, amidst many absences, it is doubtful that adequate measures have been taken to guarantee the safety of those who step back into the classroom. This was condemned by major British unions seeking government funding for the purchase of air purifiers, Govt-19 tests in the classroom and faculty who could replace those who did not. Many teachers are forced to go home because they are positive for Govt, for this reason the British government recommended joining classes and then recalling retired teachers to school, thus supporting their colleagues. The situation abroad does not seem to be any different as the number of hospital-positive children being hospitalized has been steadily increasing in recent months. According to the Biden administration, schools are “too much” to remain open, which most teacher unions do not accept. The main fear is that the high epidemic of Omicron will lead to an outbreak in schools, thus preventing local administrations from keeping the virus under control at the school as it was last year.

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Mandatory tools for rapid testing, masks and vaccine protection

According to experts, although many cases have been reported in European, American or Australian schools, studies show that the impact on children in the classroom is even lower than in other places, mainly thanks to the use of masks. Will take place elsewhere. It is true that Omigran is less invasive than the previous variants and mainly affects the upper respiratory tract, but it is also true that these are especially dangerous for young children at risk for developing serious infections such as bronchitis. Several cases have also been reported in Italy. To date, the only tool that ensures that students and teachers return safely to the classroom is vaccines, the use of masks in the classroom, contact tracking, routine quick tests on site, air insulation and cleaning, as well as the system of “bubbles” already launched in Italy to curb potential explosions.

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