Charlene of Monaco, when you return to the palace: there is an appointment

Charlene of Monaco, when you return to the palace: there is an appointment

Charlene Monaco It is better and can return to the principality between the end of May and the month of June. The latest official bulletin reported that his health had improved significantly. Alberto’s wife, who has been hospitalized in an exclusive clinic in Switzerland since last November, is responding well to treatment, and therefore is ready to return to public life soon.

Charlene from Monaco, when you come home

in any mode Charlene Monaco Will return to Montecarlo still to be clarified. Indeed, rumors of recent days speak of the princess ready to take her space from the Grimaldi family and possibly from her husband Alberto. It is rumored that Charlene wants to move in with her Apartment with sons Jacques and GabriellaInstead of going back to the palace with the prince, Also for tension with Carolina.

The rumors never find confirmation again and anger Alberto, who has denied on several occasions the existence of marital problems between him and Charlene. In fact, it seems that he called His ex-girlfriend, Nicole Coast, to leave Monte Carlo in time So that the two women avoid crossing when his wife returns.

Charlene of Monaco awaits the Monte Carlo GP

Meanwhile, the first specific date for the princess’s return to court appears. According to reports from the French media, there are two possibilities. Talking about the weekend May 28-29. An important moment in Palazzo’s social life, as in those days the F1 GP takes place in Monte Carlo, a date that usually felt like Charlene who is always there. Just last year she wasn’t there, in fact she was already in South Africa and she had a serious infection in her throat, nose and ears which forced her to stay away from her family for several months and later take her to hospital in nursing. the home. By the way the princess has Strong relationship with Charles LeclercFerrari driver.

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I asked Charlene from Monaco at the Regatta

If the end of May is too early to lay off, Charlene can return to Monte Carlo for on June 5As mentioned LC . NewsWhen the Riviera Jet Ski Challenge takes place, the regatta that starts at the Yacht Club of Monaco. The official statement of the Federation stated that “The candidates, together with their sports personalities, will participate in the Jet Ski race in groups of five. They will go as a relay to the port. The proceeds will be used to Financing Charlene Foundation projects in Monaco Fighting against drownings.

Therefore, the Princess Foundation is directly involved and it would be desirable for Charlene to be present at the event of special significance this year, since it is the first event to be organized after the pandemic.

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