Millie Carlucci on the challenge between the Masked Singer and friends: We can’t settle down

Millie Carlucci on the challenge between the Masked Singer and friends: We can’t settle down

Saturday 18 March The TV challenge between the masked singer hosted by Milli Carlucci on Rai1 and the Amici evening hosted by Maria De Filippi on Canale5.

Millie Carlucci Ready to go back to Rai1 with The Masked Singer. The program will start on Saturday, March 18th, and, accordingly, will challenge the evening friendswhich he conducted Maria Devilipi. Carlucci has made it clear several times that there is no rivalry between her and her colleague, despite the challenge of the schedule: “This TV challenge with De Filippi has no background and hides nothing. There are no personal rivalries between you and me even if the idea of ​​a supposed war between us gets people talking and is therefore good for programmesShe returned to the topic in an interview with Novo.

The Masked Singer vs. Amechi: New Saturday Night Challenge

Millie Carlucci commented on a piece of news about The Masked Singer. The program will relinquish its position in the Friday schedule and move to Saturday. So, you’ll bump into the Amichi Evenings, which also start on March 18:

It was the network’s choice to move The Masked Singer to Saturday. They wanted the representation of what a gala evening is. But it’s okay. These challenges mean that you will never settle and always stay on track to build program success.

The Masked Singer Jury

The jury for the Masked Singer program will consist of Flavio Encina, Francesco Facchinetti, Serena Bortone, Eva Zanichi and Cristian De Sica. Millie Carlucci explained why she chose some of them:There is some good news, including Serena Burton Detective at Heart, a woman of great intelligence and curiosity, able to delve into the subconscious. Then we also have Iva Zanicchi, I couldn’t name her because she’s perfect for guessing the contestants because she’s an expert on audio. She already has her repertoire of jokes ready“.

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