Put the toothpaste on the cutlery, after a few minutes the magic happens

Put the toothpaste on the cutlery, after a few minutes the magic happens

You’ll be surprised to know what happens if you put a little bit of toothpaste on your cutlery: you won’t believe your eyes!

toothpaste And silverware, two things that are part of everyone’s daily life and seem to be light years apart from each other: the first, dedicated to the care of oral health, and the second used as a useful tool for eating. In fact, if used together, they can solve an annoying problem that often afflicts us.

I’ll tell you what happens if you put toothpaste on the cutlery: it’s incredible! (GranTennisToscana.it)

Especially if we have cutlery at home silver, a precious material that always makes a good impression on the table, but over time it can give us some headaches. point tooxidationa phenomenon that involves electrons being thrown out of a metal by oxygen when the two come into contact.

This process makes awesome silver blackening And it forces us to buy products to clean it up, often with poor results. Not to mention, it’s an expense in terms of economy and a huge expenditure of energy that doesn’t leave you feeling satisfied most of the time. However, knowing the effectiveness of toothpaste in these cases, cleaning your cutlery will no longer be a problem and you will save a lot.

You have no idea what happens if you put toothpaste on cutlery: an almost “magical” result

You have invited a few people to your house for a great dinner and you would like to have yours table Is it due to the delicacies you have prepared? Just right: take the most elegant tablecloth, which you rarely use to reserve for special occasions, buy the finest centerpiece you see in stores and search the internet for the best recipes to make it an unforgettable evening.

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everything is perfect, But … knives? You had thought of your fine silver cutlery, but after a while you kept it in a drawer, they became unrecognizable: they lost their luster and had a dark halo that made them unpresentable. You absolutely must clean them and restore them to their original luster, but this time you’d like an easy, quick, and unbeatable remedy to do just that. Well, that’s exactly what we want to help you with: You can use a toothpaste!

home treat cutlery
Do you know what happens if you put toothpaste on your cutlery? You will no longer be able to do without it (GranTennisToscana.it)

In a few steps you can solve an unpleasant problem and without spending anything. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put some toothpaste on a soft cloth
  • rub gently on the cutlery,
  • Then rinse with warm water
  • Dry with another clean cloth.

As if charms, forks, spoons and knives will become new again! This will be possible thanks to the ability of this product to deoxidation. Of course, you can use this hack for your jewelry too, isn’t that great news?

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