Mara Vener pulls off the coup: a big name in Italian music will be a guest on Sunday!

Mara Vener pulls off the coup: a big name in Italian music will be a guest on Sunday!

Sunday is always a celebration for the music fans who follow along Sunday ina broadcast hosted by Mara Venere On opinion 1. This time, the program also gives us an attractive preview that cannot be missed. In the episode that will be broadcast next Sunday, according to what TvBlog reported, an exceptional guest will be present in the studio: Fornaciari sugar.

Mara Vener hosts Zucchero: a great coup for Dominica Inn

Sunday in Hosting famous Italian singers in the studio has now become a very successful programme. This is a special time when… Mara Venere He has an intimate and emotional conversation with a prominent protagonist in the Italian music scene. We remember the unforgettable performances of Tommaso Paradiso, Claudio Baglioni and Eros Ramazzotti, who provided the audience with unforgettable moments.

And now the next October 22, 2023, the ritual will be repeated. In the fourth episode of the 2023-2024 season of Domenica In, there will be another space dedicated to Italian music, with… Big sugar guest. This is not the first time that the famous Emily artist has performed in this broadcast: in the past he enchanted the audience on Sundays with his performances. But this time he comes back with one Exciting news. The singer-songwriter will be the protagonist in a cinematic adventure that will define his life Debut on the big screen. In fact, on October 21, the documentary titled “Fornaciari sugar sugar“, directed by Valentina Zanella and Giangiacomo Di Stefano.

Zucchero is the next guest at Domenica In (photo ANSA).

The singer’s new project with “Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari”

This film will tell the story Zucchero’s extraordinary careerHe combines his words and music with memories and Testimonials from friends and colleagues. In the film we will find top-notch guests such as Bono, Sting, Brian May, Paul Young, Andrea Bocelli, Salmo, Francesco Guccini, Francesco De Gregorio, Roberto Baggio, Jack Savoretti, Don Wass, Randy Jackson and Corrado Rustici. . A list of names that attest to the enormous stature and influence that Zucchero hadA complete musical panorama.

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Fornaciari sugar sugar” is a K+ production, created in collaboration with Adler Entertainment and Ela Film, and will be distributed by Adler Entertainment. RTL 102.5 is the official radio of this documentary. There is no doubt that this is an unmissable opportunity for fans of Italian music and for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in its depths. An extraordinary story. In the meantime, there’s a date to mark on the calendar: October 22, 2023, when Zucchero Guest Mara Vener Sunday afternoon on Rai1. His music and lyrics will be the heroes in the studio and will give great emotions to the audience.

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