Live F1 Japan: Ferrari prepares to hunt for pole | Formula Passion – Live

Live F1 Japan: Ferrari prepares to hunt for pole |  Formula Passion – Live

Verstappen leads McLaren

As for the story of PL3, it’s all thanks to you being with us. The time is at 08:00 for the live broadcast of the qualifying rounds for the Japanese Grand Prix, Max Verstappen He is the favorite for first place, and the first contender appears to be Lando Norris, who in turn will face great internal competition from Oscar Piastri. Ferrari is further off the pace today, with Charles Leclerc ahead of Carlos Sainz, both behind Sergio Perez who instead confirms the huge gap to Verstappen, by more than seven tenths.

05.30 – Max Verstappen confirms himself ahead of everyone also in the third free practice session, but the direct opponent has changed since behind the Dutchman there are the McLarens of Norris and Piastri by two tenths.

Science is fickle

05.28 Leclerc is surprised by the difference over McLaren, the delay is all of half a second in the first sector.

05.27 These are the top ten:
1. Verstappen
2. Norris
3. Paintings
4. Perez
5. Leclerc
6. Sainz
7. Hamilton
8. Russell
9. Alonso
10. Chu.

05.25 – The fourth time for Perez, seven tenths behind Verstappen, then the Ferrari cars of Leclerc and Sainz.

05.23 – Sainz launch.

05.221’30″267 Verstappen, who returns ahead of Norris by 240 thousandths.

05.20 – Hamilton ranks fourth with 652,000.

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05.19 – With the launch of Mercedes, Verstappen is also on track to strike back at the McLarens.

17.05 – Mercedes drivers went out for the second attempt using soft tires. – The fifth time for Zhou and the seventh for Bottas, which indicates the development of the track.

05.15 – Alonso’s fourth time, one second behind Norris.

05.14 – Norris returns to the lead, but with a difference of only 48 thousandths: 1’30″507.

05.12 – New rubber for panels and 1’30″555. – Back under 37″ Leclerc, 36″8.

05.09 – 37″0 now for Sainz. 37″1, Ferrari drivers are the only ones trying to drive long term at the moment.

05.07 – Sainz moved from 36″9 at the time of attack to 36″6, 36″9 in place of Leclerc.

05.05 – Verstappen improves T1, not T2 and T3. Leclerc and Sainz lead a long distance on the soft tyres, Leclerc’s times are 36″0 and 36″3, Sainz’s are higher.

05.02 – Ferrari and Red Bulls are back on track, once again with the soft cars previously used. The asphalt reached 46 degrees Celsius.

05.00 -You cannot improve your English with used gum.

04.58 – George Russell relaunched.

04.56 – Tenth place for Alexander Albon.

04.54 These are the top ten:
1. Verstappen
2. Norris
3. Leclerc
4. Hamilton
5. Contact
6. Perez
7. Paintings
8. Sainz
9. Magnussen
10. Hulkenberg.

04.53 – Alonso is only 11th at the moment, behind the Haas duo.

04.51 – Leclerc returned to third place, seven tenths behind Verstappen, but with the previously used tire set.

04.501’30″960 New Verstappen reference.

04.48 – Perez is in fourth place, six tenths behind Norris, and two thousand ahead of Russell. Verstappen starts on a soft tyre.

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04.47 – Hamilton and Russell moved into second and third places, 5 and 6 tenths behind Norris.

04.45 – Norris has made a big difference so far against Piastri and the Ferrari drivers in this first round.

04.44 – Perez and Mercedes also take to the track, with all three using soft tires.

04.42 – 33″6 Cruising time on hard tires, McLaren reaches top speed: Piastri leads Leclerc by 72 thousandths, Norris instead leads Verstappen: 1’31″174.

04.41 – Also on the track are McLaren cars with the softest compound in the Pirelli range.

04.40 – The Picnic is launched instead with solid tires.

04.39 – Leclerc is doing better 1’31″963.

04.38 -There is more wind than yesterday. Sainz finished the lap in 1’32’001.

04.37 – Sainz sets off for the timed lap.

04.36 – Also followed by Charles Leclerc, again on red-striped tires.

04.35 Sainz takes to the track on the soft tire.

04.32 -At the moment, everything is calm, and the drivers are still in the pit area.

04.30Green light At the end of the pit lane, the third free practice session for the Japanese Grand Prix begins.

04.25 – 28°C air temperature, up to 43°C asphalt.

04.15 – AlphaTauri has announced that the driver duo for 2024 will consist of Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo.

04.00 – Let’s start our news starting with the PL2 results. Yesterday, Verstappen finished the race 330,000 ahead of Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. The telemetry analysis carried out by Federico Albano highlighted that the Dutchman also had a good margin in terms of race speed, even if he used the test tire provided by Pirelli.

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In pursuit of Verstappen

Good morning, dear readers And welcome back to the live writing appointment for the third free training session Japanese Grand Prixthe sixteenth chapter of the 2023 Formula 1 Championship.

In Suzuka Friday Max Verstappen responded in attendance After his stumble in Singapore, while Sergio Perez had a less brilliant day and is required to redeem himself so as not to leave his colleague “alone” in the struggle for first place and the front rows of the starting grid.

there Ferrari The team began the weekend at Suzuka with the approval of the new box and is locked in good competition with Lando Norris’s McLaren for what looks to be second place given the form of Verstappen and Red Bull. Mercedes had a tough time yesterday, and we’ll see if the W14 cars get a boost today.

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