Science Crowds – Strampinaria at Strampino September 1-3 – Critical Mass

Science Crowds – Strampinaria at Strampino September 1-3 – Critical Mass

Back with a sixth edition Follies of science In Strampino from September 1st to 3rd with three days and two events, a unique time to reflect on science and uncover the background to communications.

Follie di Scienza’s topics will be global warming, vaccines, energy, new technologies, mobility and the impacts of research on everyday life.

Science Crowds – Strampinaria is an opportunity for the diverse world of science publishers to meet and discuss, and for an audience that enjoys their work without likely imagining what goes on behind the scenes.

Science craze in sixth grade. In these six years, the world has changed and the perception of the role science plays in our lives has changed. We know that research has critical implications, but at the same time we have seen, first with the pandemic and now with climate change, a discussion that is often unstructured and based on mechanisms that reward spectacle and entertainment at the expense of good information. In recent years, the celebrity community has also changed. New media were born, and the audience of those who talked about science and those interested in following it expanded. Alongside the traditional tools, new opportunities and new dilemmas were added at the same time.

The challenge for science communicators is getting tougher. It is necessary to discuss, exchange ideas and imagine the immediate future of publishing, because science and technology are too important to be accessible to everyone. Strampino was proposed as a veritable open-air laboratory where publishers would be able to discuss topics they proposed themselves, debate in horizontal groups organized as camps, and participate in public meetings in which journalists, researchers, communicators and other champions of the cultural establishment would participate.

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