Inter-Juventus faced three times in one month: so it will be decisive on two fronts

Inter-Juventus faced three times in one month: so it will be decisive on two fronts

Both are looking forward to the European goal, but Inter and Juventus will play in the Italian Cup for the most tangible chances to finish the season with the cup. But already this challenge to the championship, which for once does not deserve the title of scudetto, is decisive for the classification of both

Sunday March 19 Inter Juventus at San Siro for the second leg of the Championship, then on April 4 at the Allianz Stadium for the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final and on April 26 back to Milan again: on the stage three times in just over a month, the Derby Italia was not – As it was in other years – it is the main path of the Nerazzurri and Juventus spring, which for various reasons focus a lot of attention on European commitments. But it is likely that it will be decisive for the awarding of the cup, given the difference in values ​​with the Italian Cup semi-finals, and certainly for the race to qualify for the Champions League, which is the minimum goal in the league. Dodger Napoli.

At sight of INTER

Challenges with Juventus come with a decisive month for Inter on all fronts: on April 11 and 19 there is a double Champions League confrontation with Benfica, as well as the five league matches (with Fiorentina, in Salerno, with Monza, in Empoli and with Lazio) not allowing race breaks. On the second place, which will already witness an important passage with the first Inter Juventus. In this photo, the double challenge for the Italian Cup (in the week before Champions League commitments and the week after) would seem like a distraction, since they always have emotionally intense challenges with the lady, except that from there. Bypassing both of the more realistic possibilities of closing the season with a trophy: it makes no sense to queue it up in the priority list.

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In sight of Juventus

This applies to the Nerazzurri but it applies even more to the Bianconeri, who in light of the penalty kick that puts them today -7 from the European qualifiers and -10 from the Champions League have the most dangerous chance of being in Europe precisely from the season. Glasses. next season. The Europa League gives access to the Champions League, but the difficulty parameter of the path that now includes Sporting and later one between Manchester United and Sevilla is clear. Not only does the Italian Cup give the trophy, and Allegri has not been hungry since returning to Turin, but also the pass to Europe (the league) at the moment is very complicated from the championship. But the duel with Inter also has great weight in the championship, and therefore this match is already in the San Siro without waiting for the Italian Cup matches in April. First of all, to collect points that (against a top team) are worth double in pursuit of qualification. But also to be ready and keep the door open in case of return (in whole or in part) penalty points, without which Juventus would be ahead of Inter today and this weekend would be a direct confrontation.

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